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Get to Know the Appeal of Mount Takao at TAKAO 599 MUSEUM!

Get to Know the Appeal of Mount Takao at TAKAO 599 MUSEUM!

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Natsumi Endo

Tokyo 2016.11.26 Bookmark

Easy to reach from Tokyo, over 3 million people climb Mt. Takao every year. TAKAO 599 MUSEUM is a museum that introduces to you all the appeals of this amazing mountain!

TAKAO 599 MUSEUM - At the Base of Mt. Takao


Japan has many mountains that are famous for hiking: Mt. Fuji, the mountain that represents Japan, Mt. Shirane in Nikko, as well as Mt. Kirishima located on the boundary between Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures.

Out of the numerous mountains, the one that's easiest to access from the center of Tokyo is Mt. Takao, located in Hachioji city. It's said to be the mountain with the world's most climbers.

This time, we will be focusing on TAKAO 599 MUSEUM, a facility located a 4 minute walk from Takaosanguchi station! It is a place where you can prepare before your hike or catch your breath after the hike. Let's see what exactly there is to see at TAKAO 599 MUSEUM.

For those who want to know more about Mt. Takao, please take a look at Hike the Most Visited Mountain in the World, Mount Takao and A Mountain Inhabited by Legendary Creatures? Yakuōin Temple, Mt. Takao.

Learn about Mt. Takao at TAKAO 599 MUSEUM!

The first area we turned our attention to was the NATURE COLLECTION. Here there are reproductions of insect specimens fluttering away, plants held in clear acrylic resin, and many other reproductions on display.




You will be able to feel the power of life while viewing the grass roots, the insects with their spread out wings, and other creatures that you can't normally see.

Mt. Takao is the home of so many various types of insects that it's counted as one of Japan's top three insect habitats. (The other two are Mt. Mino in Osaka prefecture and Mt. Kifune in Kyoto prefecture). You will be able to understand the uniqueness of Mt. Takao by seeing this fascinating display.


On the back left corner of the exhibition space there is an information monitor called 599 GUIDE. On this monitor you will be able to see information and warnings regarding mountain climbing. The information is humorlessly displayed. There are also picture displays where you can have fun learning about Mt. Takao.

Additionally, at the bottom of each exhibition case there is a small stepping stool made with materials produced in Tama. It's great to be able to see the displays up close.

The Four Seasons of Mt. Takao Seen on Projection Mapping


Next, we'll introduce to you one of TAKAO 599 MUSEUM's representative displays, which uses projection mapping.

Stuffed versions of animals that inhabit MT. Takao are projectes on the wall screen called "NATURE WALL". On the same wall an animation that introduces the four seasons of Mt. Takao is shown once a hour.



This cute animation perfectly fits the museum atmosphere in addition to the beautiful reproduction of the changing seasons.


A performance engaging the animals is projected on the wall screen. This projection mapping is played several times a day. Please take the time to enjoy it.

Take a Break Before and After Your Hike at the 599 CAFE and 599 SHOP


TAKAO 599 MUSEUM is working on many new additions, but 599 CAFE, a place to catch your breath before or after your hike, is juxtaposed to the museum.

The cafe takes pride in the quality of its Takao blend coffee and fromage cake. It's possible to bring in food, making it the perfect place to spend a relaxing time.


The museum shop is great too. In the high quality design show window, there are T-shirts, stickers, tote bags, and various other original goods being sold that are limited to TAKAO 599 MUSEUM.

Please check out the shop to find souvenirs of your trip to TAKAO 599 MUSEUM and Mt. Takao.

How to get to TAKAO 599 MUSEUM - A 4 minute walk from Takaosanguchi station on the Keio line


If you`re going to visit TAKAO 599 MUSEUM, Takaosanguchi Station of the Keio line is very convenient. The station was remodelled in 2015.

After exiting the station and going to the right, you'll see a sign that displays directions for the TAKAO 599 MUSEUM. If you follow the directions you'll arrive at TAKAO 599 MUSEUM in 4 minutes.




With Mt. Takao's splendid and valuable nature as its theme, TAKAO 599 MUSEUM showcases the unique appeal of this mountain.

If you have never climbed this mountain yet and are thinking about climbing it, please stop by TAKAO 599 MUSEUM and learn more about the appeal of Mt. Takao. All the new things you will learn here, will make you decide to go mountain climbing.


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