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Showa Kinen Park – A Year-Round Flowering Park For Young And Old

Showa Kinen Park – A Year-Round Flowering Park For Young And Old

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Reiya Horii

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The Showa Kinen Park, located in Tachikawa, Tokyo, is a park full of charms year-round that you won’t get tired of no matter how many times you visit. Read for information on when flowers are in bloom, park facilities, and tips for enjoying the nature of Tokyo.

Showa Kinen Park: For Anyone to Enjoy at Anytime

You can enjoy flowers in full bloom across its vast landscape of Showa Kinen National Government Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo in any season of the year.

The park is also complete with all kinds of facilities, including a gigantic pool, a Japanese garden, and a dog park. This article will introduce everything important to know about Showa Kinen Park - a place where families and couples alike can enjoy themselves year-round.

Information About Showa Kinen Park

Entrance of Showa Kinen Park

Showa Kinen Park is located a fifteen minute walk away from Tachikawa Station on the JR Line or Tama Intercity Monorail. As the park is a vast size of approximately 180ha, it is very difficult to walk around the entire park. Please utilize the convenient means of transportation such as the bus or rental bikes to move around the park.

There are also restaurants and a BBQ area inside the park, so visitors can enjoy themselves without having to bring anything with them as well.

Showa Kinen Park

In the center of the park is a large field by the name of Everyone’s Field which spreads on approximately 400 m to the north and south, and approximately 300 m to the east and west. Located precisely in the middle of the field is a large Japanese zelkova tree that is over 20 m tall, which is rumoured to be about 100 years old. This is an area you can freely relax and pass the time in while playing sports or picnicking under the shade of the trees.

The Fall Flower Event

An event called the Cosmos Festival is held from the middle of September to November at Showa Kinen Park every year. There is no doubt that those who see the cosmos flowers in full bloom stretching across a total of over 20,000㎡ of land will feel overwhelmed by the sight.

In 2019, this event is scheduled to be held mid-September until early November.

Cosmos 2

Photo courtesy of: Showa Kinen State Park

The color of the flowers will change depending on which season you visit. In fall, cosmos flowers of various colors will bloom in abundance from elegantly colored pink and purple cosmoses to rare yellow ones. In some areas you will be entirely surrounded by cosmoses, to the point they will almost overpower you, is truly amazing.

Cosmos 1

Photo courtesy of: Showa Kinen State Park

Sunflowers: The Representative Summer Flower

At Showa Kinen Park, the flowers bloom seasonally throughout the year. You can experience different kinds of entertainment during those times as well.

For example, if it’s summer, then we recommend sunflowers. At Showa Kinen Park, there are two large and separated sunflower areas. On the Flower Hill near Sunakawa entrance, you can enjoy up to 40,000 sunflowers in full bloom. The hill is filled with sunflowers that are as tall as the height of an adult and act as a maze field to children.

The other area is called the Hill Near Momiji Bridge and it's located near the Rainbow Pool. Up to 10,000 sunflowers bloom in three varieties at a height of 120 cm in this area. Both areas are popular spots for families with children.

Sunflower 2

Photo courtesy of: Showa Kinen State Park

The best time to see sunflowers every year is usually from late July to mid-August. In 2019, the best time to see them was from the end of July to the beginning of August. The Flower Blooming Newsletter, a newsletter that notifies visitors of the flower blooming conditions, is distributed every week through the Showa Kinen Park website.

This newsletter is not restricted to sunflowers. Please check here (Japanese) for the latest flower blooming information.

Sunflower 1

Photo courtesy of: Showa Kinen State Park

Rainbow Pool

The Rainbow Pool, the city’s largest pool with a total area of 63,000㎡ and a total of nine pools, also opens during the summer season. There are all kinds of pools including four free waterslide lanes, a running water pool, a large wave pool, an adventure pool, and more! Both adults and children can enjoy themselves here.

For entrance fees and details about the pool facilities, please check here (Japanese).

Business Hours
July 20 - September 1, 2019: 9:30 - 19:00 (closes at 18:30 between August 18 to September 1)


Photo courtesy of: Showa Kinen State Park
Deck chairs and playground equipment are available for rental inside the water park. Ramen, crepes, and more are sold through catering services as well. This ensures you can sufficiently enjoy the pool all-day long.

The Park’s Charms In Winter and Spring

Showa Kinen Park is a park that will appear different no matter when you visit. Even in winter, you will see Camellia Sasanquas blooming and the famous Japanese cherry blossoms during the spring.

How about visiting the Showa Kinen Park, where various corresponding events are held each season, during your trip to Japan?

Showa Kinen Park

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