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Honey In Pudding!? French Sweets At Colombin In Harajuku

Honey In Pudding!? French Sweets At Colombin In Harajuku

Honey In Pudding!? French Sweets At Colombin In Harajuku

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by ayu

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Colombin was the first sweets shop to offer original French confectioneries in Japan, such as pudding containing honey made by Colombin's own bees.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by ayu

Colombin in Harajuku

Harajuku is a popular spot for Japanese young people and tourists alike, and it is home to Colombin, a French sweets shop with over nine decades of history. In addition to buying sweets, you can also buy souvenirs and have a relaxing meal and a drink at Colombin.

You can see greenery through the shop’s large interior window, as sunlight streams into the shop from outside. The three-story Western-style building has a ‘salon’ on the first floor. As its name implies, it’s a place where you can feel as though you’re relaxing in a Parisian salon.

Colombin was founded in 1924, making it almost a century old. The founder was personally selected by the Taisho emperor’s chef to venture to France and learn how to make sweets at Colombin in Paris. From there, he took on the Colombin name, and started a shop in Omori in Ota, Tokyo.

Popular Original Sweets

Colombin offers more than ten varieties of cakes, as well as whole cakes, light meals and a lunch menu. We’ll show you some of Colombin’s flagship items, which are available for dining in or takeout.

Harajuku Roll (1080 yen with tax)

It has been more than 40 years since Colombin opened its main branch in Harajuku, and this roll cake is the shop’s pride and joy. Granulated sugar is mixed into the dough, which has an almost custard-like fluffiness, giving it a fun texture. It pairs perfectly with carefully selected, light and smooth fresh cream that really supplements the cake overall. In addition, Colombin donates a portion of the proceeds from Harajuku Roll sales to an NPO that helps to vaccinate young children around the world.

The “Harajuku” branded on top of the roll cake uses the same font as the signboard at Harajuku Station.

Harajuku Honey Pudding (1029 yen with tax)

This custard pudding uses honey instead of caramel sauce. Colombin actually keeps bees in Harajuku, and uses their honey in some of its products. You can enjoy plenty of fresh honey with this treat. Thanks to the care put into selecting the ingredients, the pudding tastes incredibly rich. Drizzle on some honey to mellow out the richness, giving the pudding a gentle flavor. The recyclable glass containers used for the pudding are made by the German glassmaker Weck, and can be reused even after you finish dessert.

Harajuku Honey Beekeeping Project

Since May 2010, Colombin has been carrying on a beekeeping project on its roof, aimed at contributing to the environment and showing appreciation to its customers. The harvested honey is sold for a limited time, and used in the sweets at the shop, including the pudding. It’s amazing that honey is being harvested in fashion-focused Harajuku of all places. This time, their specialist staff kindly showed us around.

At present, there are five beehives.

Each hive is home to 20,000 to 30,000 bees, storing honey on the combs. The honey is harvested from May to July, and the flavor and color will vary according to when the honey was collected.

The queen bee is much larger compared to the others.

Pick Up Some of Colombin’s Popular Baked Chocolate as a Souvenir

Baked chocolate 5 pieces box (648 yen with tax), 12 pc box (1080 yen with tax)

You can also buy original souvenirs at Colombin, which come individually wrapped, making them great for tourists. Their baked chocolate is particularly popular, as it won't melt in the summer heat.

There are plenty of other options, including cookies and French pies to choose from too.

Colombin’s Mascot Character

Colombin’s mascot, Mikkoro, is also active. Mikkoro is working hard to keep everyone in high spirits at Colombin!

Just Three Minutes from Harajuku Station on Foot

Colombin is rich in history, with plenty of carefully crafted sweets, and the shop’s appreciation for its customers and its charitable works left quite an impression on us. It’s only three minutes from Harajuku and easily accessible from Meiji Jingu Shrine, so make sure to stop by when you’re in the Harajuku area.


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