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Enjoy A View Of Fukuoka's Gorgeous Scenery From Fukuoka Tower!

Enjoy A View Of Fukuoka's Gorgeous Scenery From Fukuoka Tower!

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Norihisa Hasegawa

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We'll introduce you to the symbol of Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Tower. The view from the top will show you why Fukuoka is the Green City! We recommend visiting the tower as the sun sets.

Climb To The Top Of Fukuoka Tower And Look Down At The City From Above

Japan has many landmark towers, the foremost of which is the Tokyo Skytree. This time, we’ll introduce the symbol of Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Tower.


We went along with the three Finns from our previous adventure: Nita, Elina, and Akseli, who used their convenient Open Bus Tour tickets to continued traveling around Fukuoka.

The three of them told us that since Finland doesn’t have many tall towers, they were really looking forward to seeing the sights from above, as their chests swelled with anticipation.

What’s Fukuoka Tower Like?


Constructed in 1989, Fukuoka Tower is 234 meters tall. On a clear day, the 8000 half-mirrors which cover the tower’s exterior reflect the sky, turning the whole building the same shade of blue. What a beautiful sight!


Photo provided by: Fukuoka Tower Co., Ltd.

From the observation deck, 123 meters above sea level, you can get a 360-degree view of Fukuoka City and the surrounding ocean. The tower is very popular with visitors to Fukuoka for its beautiful views and refreshing scenes.

First, Take A Memorial Face Panel Photo


First, take a picture in the entrance hall with the face panel! Dress up as Fukuoka Tower’s mascot, Futa-kun. We were able to take a fun photo as a keepsake.

Futa-kun is a famous mascot even in the local area. Every weekend, Futa-kun shows up at the tower in person! It’s a chance for you to get a photo with the real thing, not just a panel, so check it out.

Buy A Ticket On The Ground Floor. Tourists Get A Discount!!


First, buy a ticket at the counter on the ground floor. Tourists can get a 20% discount by showing their passports.


After getting your ticket, head to the ascending elevator. Look up when you’re standing before the elevator and you can see right through the glass ceiling and up into the actual framework of the building.

You can get a good look at the scenery while you’re in the elevator, but you’ll arrive at the top in just 70 seconds, so your ride will be over in a flash.

Check Out The View From The Deck!

Fukuoka Tower is a triangular-shaped building, so you can see three different kinds of scenery from each orientation.

From The North, Check Out The Blue Sky And Sea


Photo provided by: Fukuoka Tower Co., Ltd.

From the 360-degree observation deck, you can enjoy an unbroken view of the scenery. People who visit in the daytime can see Marine World and Nokonoshima to the north!

To The West, Enjoy The Sunset And Night View


Photo provided by: Fukuoka Tower Co., Ltd.

You can enjoy gazing out at the western sunset as it steadily turns the ocean deeper shades of orange. After the sun sets, you can also see the illuminated Ferris Wheel at the large shopping outlet below.

To The East, Gaze Out At Fukuoka’s Harmony Of Urban And Natural Settings


You can see Hakata Station and the bustling Tenjin area if you turn your gaze to the section of the city that spans the southern and eastern sides of the tower. The mountains you can see to the south turn brilliant red in autumn, and are covered in blankets of snow in the wintertime. In the center of the photo, you can see Fukuoka residents’ favorite relaxation spot, Ohori Park. From this vantage point, you can really feel how Fukuoka City is a harmonious blend of metropolitan townscapes and beautiful natural greenery.

Enjoy The Night Scenery After The Sun Sets


Many visitors flock to Fukuoka Tower after sunset. The city sparkles beneath you at night, and you can see places like Fukuoka Dome all lit up.

The Tower’s Popularity With Couples


Fukuoka Tower is actually famous as a sacred spot for lovers.


Many couples who visit come to this spot to take photos. It’s a heart-shaped flower arch! If two people stand in the archway, hold hands and touch the electrodes at both ends, something special will happen. By all means, stop by and try it for yourself!


There’s one more thing. You’ll notice that there are many keys hanging from the fences on the viewing deck.


The keys are from an event held at the tower. Couples who visit the deck imbue their wish for eternal love into an “ai-kagi,” or spare key, which is a play on words - “ai-kagi” can also be read as “the key of love.”


If you’re visiting with a special someone, write the day of your date and your names on a key and hang it on the fence! You can pick up a key from the vending machines in the 1F lobby and observation deck.

Things To Remember

Finally, we’ll mention some points to remember when visiting the tower.

Point 1: Admission Tickets Can Only Be Used Once

You can only use a ticket to get to the observation deck once. If you return to the ground floor, you’ll need to buy another ticket to access the deck again. Also, if you plan to stay at the top after sunset until the city lights up, you’ll be up there for an hour or two, and there are no restrooms on the deck, so handle your business on the ground floor.

Point 2: The Return Elevators Are Only Accessible From The Third Floor

To return to the bottom, please go down to the third floor. The descending elevators can only be used from the third floor, so be careful.

In Closing


Another tower highlight is its seasonal illumination for Valentine’s Day and Christmas. You’ll love this city even more if you visit the tower!

Our three companions had a happy message for travelers to Japan: ”Please visit Fukuoka Tower when you come visit Fukuoka. You can really see the beauty of the whole city!”

Fukuoka Tower

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