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Orizuru Tower: Enjoy The View Over Hiroshima From A Peace-Themed Tower

Orizuru Tower: Enjoy The View Over Hiroshima From A Peace-Themed Tower

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Hiroshima prefecture has two World Heritage sites, and a new sightseeing spot, the Orizuru Tower, has been built near one of them, the A-bomb Dome. Visitors can enjoy an amazing view over the city, as well as exhibitions on Hiroshima's history.

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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Orizuru Tower: A New Sightseeing Spot

Hiroshima Prefecture has two World Heritage sites, the Genbaku (A-bomb) Dome and Miyajima island. In Hiroshima, the prefectural capital city, a new sightseeing spot for both the Japanese citizens and visitors from abroad has been built. It is called the Orizuru Tower, introduced in this article.

Orizuru (*1) Tower contains an observatory, an information center and a souvenir shop. Standing next to the Genbaku Dome and located near the shopping streets, it is the ideal spot to drop by during a sightseeing tour.
*1 Orizuru... A folded-paper (origami) crane.

Tourist Information: A Place to Gather Travel Information

The first place we would like to introduce is the Tourist Information. Located on the first floor of the Orizuru Tower, visitors from abroad can gather sightseeing and travel information about Hiroshima, in both Japanese and English. Special transportation tickets can be purchased here. In addition, you can look for special information not listed in ordinary guides, such as plans for an ideal tour, or the right spots to visit during your free time.

View Miyajima from the Observatory

The main attraction of the Orizuru Tower is the observatory on the top floor. Visitors can view the city of Hiroshima, and on a clear day, even Miyajima.
This is how you can enjoy the tower.

Go to the ticket machine on the first floor. It can be operated in four languages: Japanese, English, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

The admission is 1,700 yen for adults (over 18 years old), 900 yen for teens (from 12 to 17 years old), 700 yen for children (from 6 to 11 years old), and 500 yen for preschool children (from 4 years old).

After buying the tickets, go to the gate located on the opposite side of the entrance. Head for the top floor, using either the elevator or the slope. Our recommendation is to use the elevator to the top, and the slope when coming down.

After getting on the elevator, head for the observatory on the top floor.

Follow the signs, and you will reach the observatory of the Orizuru Tower called "Hiroshima Hills."

The spacious observatory is decorated with fragrant wood such as Japanese cypress and cedar. The design motif is that of a Japanese shrine, and three of the four walls are wide open.

The observatory is one of the few places where you can look down on the Genbaku Dome. The Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima island can also be seen in the distance.

The 12th Floor: Learning Hiroshima's History and the Peace Movement

After enjoying the view, go to the twelfth floor, where exhibits about the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and the peace movements organized in the past are displayed. Here are some examples:

Ground Zero

From the opening on the south side, visitors can see ground zero, where the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima exploded.

Now, a hospital stands (next to the blue building) at the site. On July 6th, 1945, the bomb exploded 600 meters above the hospital.

Photographs of that day are also on display.

Orizuru: A Symbol of Peace

In Japan, orizuru, created from folding a small piece of paper, is regarded as a symbol of peace. Originally, it was an item to wish for recovery from illness. Now, people who pray for world peace come to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and offer orizuru.

Visitors can experience the orizuru culture in this zone. They can create an orizuru crane using the instructions displayed on the digital panel, and also interact with the cranes.

You can create an orizuru on this screen.

The process is displayed neatly.

This is a kaleidoscopic display, with an orizuru motif.

Children love this display, as the orizuru cranes gather up and create the shape of the children's body.

Digital Display: The History of Hiroshima

There is one more digital display in this building.

Visitors can see how Hiroshima has changed over the years from a bird's-eye view.

Praying for Peace at the "Orizuru Wall"

At the "Orizuru Wall" on the 12th floor, visitors can post an orizuru in the glass wall for 500 yen, something that can be experienced only at this tower.

The orizuru cranes on the wall can be seen from the outside. They all convey their creators' wishes for a peaceful world. If you're heart was moved by the exhibition, do post your own orizuru crane on this wall.

Head Down the Slope to the First Floor

One of the appeals of the Orizuru Tower is the slope from the top to the first floor. Take this route on your way down.

There is a slide along the way.

This manga is about the war, and how Hiroshima recovered from it. The story starts from the top floor, and ends on the first floor.

Souvenir Select "Hito to Ki"

A souvenir shop which handles over 1,000 items, including the items recommended by the local residents, is located on the first floor.

At Orizuru Tower, visitors can gather sightseeing information, buy souvenirs and learn about Hiroshima's history, which is everything you need in order to enjoy your visit to this city. We hope that not only visitors from abroad, but also Japanese citizens and local residents will visit the tower.

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