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【RAINY JUNE】Pick your Favorite at “Cool Magic SHU’S”, the Umbrella Shop in Jiyugaoka

【RAINY JUNE】Pick your Favorite at “Cool Magic SHU’S”, the Umbrella Shop in Jiyugaoka

Tokyo 2014.06.29 Bookmark

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by MATCHA

This yearly rain season makes us feel depressed. But hey, won't it be better with we have a nice umbrella to go out with? This time we came to the biggest umbrella store in Japan "Cool Magic SHU'S". This is the shop where you can find over 500 kinds of umbrellas, including the popular brands such as "water front" or a new brand known as "SHU'S”

"Cool Magic SHU'S" at Jiyugaoka

Jiyugaoka Station of Tokyu Toyoko line. This area is considered as the most fashionable region in the entire Tokyo. I was a bit nervous, but the sight of colorful umbrellas made me feel relieved.

The whole store was like a show case. Umbrellas were everywhere!

"What a..." I could not help whispering at those collections of folded umbrellas at the first floor. Not only the colors were in a fascinating variety, there were many choices for every generation.

Cute Pandas

"Poke-flat" umbrella that can fit into your small hand bag! Only 2.5 centimeters wide and with a very light weight. Maybe it is lighter than my smartphone?

UV-cut umbrellas for both in rain and sun. Light and slim for girls.

This one is stronger with more wires; and it is decorated in Japanese motifs!

I tried them one by one.

Sometimes I just gazed at the rich-colored displays.

"Gun? and, canes...?"

Some humorous ones caught my eyes.

It seems now that umbrella could be one of the important items in fashion. The umbrellas here are just too cute that they'll make the customers use them as fashion items.

Before I knew, I was wondering which one to bring home.

Which of you would look good with my dress? Oh that vivid one should be for business! And this and that must be for my mom and grandma.

I never had the thought of giving umbrellas as presents before. I didn't know that umbrella could be such a special item.

I picked out one out of the ten thousand products while talking with the staff. It was a red one; with a transparent grip which gradually turned into rainbow at the tip. They said that it was inspired by a bridge called "Nagasaki Rainbow Glass" in Nagasaki prefecture, a place far away from Tokyo.

Well, the place doesn't matter. I love this anyways.

I bought another folded umbrella too. Only 2160 yen for both... how could it be so cheap? Each one is carefully made by Japanese artisans.

Is the color too loud? But isn't it true that umbrella is one item that you can challenge on the colors that you usually can't choose for clothing?

When the forecast says that it's going to rain, take your favorite umbrella and match it with your favorite clothing. Fabulous umbrellas would absolutely shine up your day.

Flower blooms of umbrellas in the rainy town. Especially for those who hate rain, I recommend to pay a visit here. Say, on which floor do you think is your future umbrella placed?


Cool Magic SHU’S

Address: Tokyo Meguro Jiyugaoka 1-9-1
Closest Station: Tokyu Toyoko Line Jiyugaoka Station
Access: Station North or South Exit 1 minute walk
Opening Hours: 10:30~20:00
Closed Days: Random
Credit Cards: Available
Language: Japanese
Price: 700~5,000 yen
Phone: 03-6421-2108

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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