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A Complete Guide To TOKYU HANDS

A Complete Guide To TOKYU HANDS

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Tokyu Hands is renowned for being a "hint market" - a place full of useful hints for everyday life. We have compiled a guide to this fabulous store where you can find everything you need to bring a little bit of charm into your everyday surroundings.

"It's about time to go get that thing we’ve always wanted!"

For many people this sentence right away brings shopping at Tokyu Hands to mind.


Tokyu Hands is a famous variety store selling untold numbers of items with fans both inside Japan and spread across the world. Despite this renown though, there are still some people that might not know exactly what kind of store it is.

Today we will take you on a tour through Tokyu Hands, in order for you to discover the charms of this amazing store. We hope you enjoy this Complete Guide to Tokyu Hands.

What Can You Find at Tokyu Hands?

So, just what sorts of goods fill the shelves of Tokyu Hands?


Here are rolls of fabric and spools of leather to use when making handicrafts.


A corner full of different sizes and types of wooden boards.


And around 400 types of toothbrushes in the corner dedicated to dental health.


You cannot miss the stationery section of Tokyu Hands either.


These colorful letter papers are some of their most popular items!
Check out other wonderful items available at TOKYU HANDS on the next page!

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