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Japanese Halloween Crafts (2) - How To Make Felt Bats

Japanese Halloween Crafts (2) - How To Make Felt Bats

Written by Nupur Jena

2016.10.27 Bookmark

Halloween is just a few days away and in Japan there are many unique ways to celebrate it. Handmade decorations are a popular activity during this season. Learn to make decorative felt bats and enjoy the spirit of the Japanese Halloween!

Halloween in Japan

The Halloween season begins early in Japan, around a month before the actual holiday. Halloween themed decorations grace the shops, restaurants and cafes, and the holiday is getting better and better every year.

If you happen to visit Japan during this time, there are many unique things that you can experience. From amusement parks to cafes, restaurants and shops, the city is taken by storm by the Halloween fever. Many shops sell Halloween inspired goods and costumes, miniature pumpkins, spooky masks and decorations that can be used at home.

Food retailers at stations and shops sell Halloween themed pastries and sweets, so you can enjoy a spooky snack on the go. Cafés and restaurants do not fall behind in the spirit of Halloween too. Many cafés have ice-cream varieties and kawaii Halloween treats that make this season more enjoyable. Halloween parades and cosplay parties are also held in areas like Shibuya, Harajuku and Yokohama, enhancing the atmosphere of the holiday. If you happen to be in Tokyo at the end of October, do try to see the large-scale Halloween street parties.

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Halloween home parties are also popular in Japan because they are a fun occasion to get together with one's friends. Spooky Halloween decorations make a great gift, and if they are handmade, the value of your gift increases a hundred times!

A Popular Halloween Decoration - Felt Bats

Let's learn how to make felt bats, which make great seasonal decorations, and make this year’s Halloween a day to remember! Kids will enjoy this activity, as the bats are very simple to make.

Materials needed

• black felt

• bat template

• large needle and thread (optional)

• white chalk

• scissors


1. Draw the template of the bats on plain white paper. As shown, many templates can be made with different sizes, with or without the holes in the wings.

2. Cut out the bat template into the shape of a bat and trace it out on the black felt using white chalk.

3. Cut the felt along the white chalk markings. You will have the bat shape on the felt. formed.

4. If you wish, you can also stitch the bats' wings end to end using the needle and thread.

5. In order to make bat masks or garlands, use the holes in the wings to connect the bats to each other on a string/ribbon.

This is how the felt bats look! Their shadows really create a spooky atmosphere, don't you think?

In Conclusion

In Japan, bat decorations are a symbol of Halloween and just by seeing them we are already into the festive spirit. These bats can be placed on curtains or hanged as a garland at the window. You can also hang them at the door as a sign you are waiting for children to come singing "Trick or Treat!". I wish you all a happy Halloween and hope you would enjoy making these wonderful and simple felt bats at home!

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