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Unique Shops In Yanaka Sendagi, Tokyo - Blending Tradition And Modernity

Unique Shops In Yanaka Sendagi, Tokyo - Blending Tradition And Modernity

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Yanaka Sendagi is a popular and trendy area of Tokyo, known for its antique Japanese buildings and nostalgic atmosphere. This article introduces three shops that have become a revitalizing force, while blending in with the existing neighborhood.

Translated by Satomi Ohba

Written by Isao Nakagawa

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More than just Nostalgia

Yanaka Sendagi in Tokyo is a target area for revitalization by many smart and thoughtful shop owners. This article introduces a few revitalized and stylish places definitely worth visiting.

HAGISO is an elegant art galley and cafe renovated from a wooden house.


Head up to the second floor. Here you can get of feeling of how the building used to be like before.


Above is is tokyobike. This is a store great for bicycle enthusiasts as well as visitors with only a slight interest. They also offer rental bikes here.

atelier de florentina - Florentine Biscuit Speciality Shop


The Florentine biscuits in this sophisticated but cozy shop are like pieces of art. They have a gentle sweetness and are delicious. As they are packed individually, they are perfect for sharing or giving as gifts.


Shops like these allow visitors to the new trends that have flowed seamlessly into Yanaka Sendagi, without disrupting tradition or history. We are excited to see how the atmosphere of this town will grow and change from now.

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