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Japan National Football Team-Beckoning Cat "Kacchi" in ALEXCIOUS

Japan National Football Team-Beckoning Cat

Translated by UCHACA

Written by MATCHA

2014.06.26 Bookmark

Beckoning cats are widely recognized as mascots iconic to Japan. With the football world cup they are putting their favorite team shirts on!

Beckoning cat is a common Japanese figurine which is often believed to bring lucky with money with right hand and bring good person with left hand.


Photo:rooney2008 by Official Homepage

Here is in a sports bar.My job is watching over everyone at this place next to the register.

In these days,person who stoke my head and pray something to me is increased.Soccer World Cup is coming.Many people who is wearing blue T-shirt like me is coming to my bar.

Yes,I'm beckoning cat. I'm believed to bring lucky with money and born in Ishikawa prefecture. I love fresh oyster at Noto peninsula.I was made as Kutani-Yaki(*1) so I'm hard and strong.


I usually try to be a simple with appealing soccer lover however...


When World Cup is starting, I can't help wearing team uniform. I want to cheer Japanese members up! I must paint on my body.

By the way, we sometimes argue "Traditional style of beckoning cat is rising right hand" or "No,left hand!!" but if we rise our both hands, it means "I don't know what to do"so Japanese don't like the style.

What we beckoning cat mainly bring is lucky with money so many shop keepers want to put me as beckon of prosperous business and charm to protect them from evil.
It's said that our beckoning cat's birthplace is Gotoku Temple.It seems there are many beckoning cat in there.My dream is going there someday.

During World Cup, many friends come to my bar.Cats from Costarica and Greek are also my friend.


You can find the beckoning cat wearing your country colored uniform because cats of participating countries are completed in this shop.If you have a time, look for beckoning cat of your country.We try to bring you lucky things wherever we are going to.

……I've said it over and over, lucky thing what I can bring to you is lucky with money...I can't bring the victory...

(※1) Kutani-Yaki:a kind of famous Japanese porcelain wares is painted 5 colors(blue,yellow,purple,red and blue navy) which is representative Japanese traditional handicraft in Ishikawa prefecture.

(※2) Brand name:Kutani-Yaki The victory beckoning cat "Kacchi 2014"


Kutani-Yaki The victory beckoning cat "Kacchi 2014"

Official HP: ALEXCIOUS (online shop & shipping overseas available)
Price:4,100yen(Including tax)

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