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Izakaya Guide: Menus, Prices And More At Japan's Best Drinking Spots

Izakaya Guide: Menus, Prices And More At Japan's Best Drinking Spots

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by ニコ

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Izakayas (Japanese bars) serve drinks and food in a relaxed atmosphere, with home-style dishes and various snacks that go great with alcohol. This article introduces typical izakaya menus, prices, and other recommendations related to izakaya!

Popular Izakaya Chains

Watami is a leading izakaya chain known for its reasonable prices and extensive menu.

Kinnokura Jr.
This chain also does lunch, and has a popular all-you-can-eat-and-drink option with more than 50 items on the menu.

Another established chain, Shirokiya has an abundant menu selection with plenty of unique dishes.

Centered around fresh seafood items, Uotami’s menu has a focus on dishes like sashimi and sushi.

With its robust menu selection of sours and cocktails, a more adult ambiance is in the air at Warawara.

Kaisen Izakaya Hananomai
You can freely enjoy seafood and delicious drinks with family and friends at Hananomai.

Te-zukuri Izakaya Amataro
This familiar flavors at this izakaya evoke memories of eateries from back in the day.

Visitors to this izakaya can enjoy fresh sashimi and regional cuisine.

Sakura Suisan
You can get fresh seasonal seafood at a reasonable price at this izakaya.

This izakaya specializes in yakitori using domestic chickens, and all drinks are 280 yen. For more information, check out our Torikizoku article.

Recommended Izakayas

You'll be greeted by some ultra monsters at this unusual izakaya. For more information, check out our Kaiju-Sakaba article.

Aomori PR Izakaya - Ringo No Hana
Visit this city izakaya to sample local Aomori cuisine and sake from the Tohoku region. For more information, check out our Ringo No Hana article.

New Kayaba
Drop by a cheap izakaya beneath the towers of Japanese Wall Street. For more information, check out our New Kayaba article.

A haunted house has metamorphosed into an izakaya at Yurei. For more information, check out our Yurei article.

There are also a few peculiar izakayas that bring the Showa period to mind.

Hakuritabai Hanbey
With cheap and original menu items, this chain is popular with young people.
Homepage: (Japanese only)

Ningyo-cho Dagashi Bar
Snack on some dagashi nostalgia at this retro bar.
Address: Tokyo, Chuo ward, Nipponbashi, Ningyo-cho2-11-4
Homepage: (Japanese Only)

Shibuya 3-chome Sakaba
The posters, menus and small articles at this place have all been chosen to give it a Showa feel.
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya ward, Shibuya 3-17-2 Kiyozawa Building 2F

Akachochin Sakaba Ichita
While this place’s dagashi snacks and toys give it a real Showa vibe, there’s Italian food on the menu.
Address: Tokyo, Minato ward, Akasaka 3-66, Tarui Building B1

Sumibi Yakitori Omoya, Ikebukuro Branch
The yakitori skewers at this long-standing izakaya are a cut above the rest.
Address: Tokyo, Toyoshima ward, Minami-Ikebukuro 12-6, Omoya Building 1F

For more information about these places, check out our nostalgic Showa spots article.

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