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Izakaya Guide: Menus, Prices And More At Japan's Best Drinking Spots

Izakaya Guide: Menus, Prices And More At Japan's Best Drinking Spots

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by ニコ

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Izakayas (Japanese bars) serve drinks and food in a relaxed atmosphere, with home-style dishes and various snacks that go great with alcohol. This article introduces typical izakaya menus, prices, and other recommendations related to izakaya!

Izakayas With Foreign Language Assistance


A Hidden Izakaya With Private Rooms: Tsukinomiya, Shinjuku Branch

This chain izakaya has all the standard items, and menus are available in English, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. There are also many staff who speak the languages.

An Izakaya With Private Rooms: Nihon Rettou, Shinjuku Higashiguchi Branch

This izakaya was conceived as a place where food from all over Japan could be found in one place. The interior is decorated in a pure Japanese aesthetic that fills your field of vision. There are English and Chinese-speaking staff, and menus are available in English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Northern Flavors and Local Sake at Hokkaido, Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch

Enjoy the delicious dishes of the north without leaving Tokyo at this izakaya. You can try Hokkaido gourmet dishes like “Genghis Khan” mutton, the fried chicken “zangi,” and more. Menus are available in English, Chinese and Korean.

Okinawan Dining at Churari, Shinjuku O-Guard Branch

Okinawa has its own unique cuisine that makes use of fish and vegetables not commonly seen outside of Okinawa. At this Shinjuku spot, you can enjoy Okinawan staples like Okinawa soba and more. Menus are available in English, Chinese and Korean.

Hanabi, Shinjuku Higashiguchi Branch

This place is ideal for meat lovers, with steaks, grilled meat, shabu-shabu, karaage and more. Its interior decorating style is a fusion of classical Japanese and modern designs. Menus are available in English, Chinese and Korean.

For more information about the above izakayas, check out our Shinjuku izakayas article.


DEN Rokuen-Tei

Enjoy the night view on the terrace as you enjoy your dinner. This izakaya has Japanese black cattle barbecue on the menu, along with other high-class items.

Jikidenya Rokumei-kan

Here you can eat nabe hotpot out of traditional iron cookware from southern Iwate prefecture. Enjoy seasonal vegetables and fresh fish straight from the market, as you sip from your wineglass or sake cup.


You can eat fresh seafood from Sagami Bay at this izakaya. The interior has displays of fish illustrations and surfboards, making it feel like it’s right by the sea. This place is great for seafood lovers. The staff can accommodate English speakers, and menus are available in English.

Sumibi Kushiyaki Shamo

This izakaya is known for its yakitori and kushiyaki skewers that use game fowl (“shamo” in Japanese). The staff does not grill them using gas or electricity, but on a charcoal grill. The charcoal smoke gives the meat a unique aroma and another delicious flavor dimension.

Alcatraz E.R.

The decor of this theme park-esque izakaya is meant to feel as though visitors are patients at a prison infirmary, with menu items that use IV drips and syringes. If you’re looking for a totally unique ambiance, we recommend this spot.

For more information about the above izakayas, check out our Shibuya izakayas article.


Tofuro, Ginza 1-Chome Branch

This place is such a total recreation of olden Japan that first-time visitors won’t be able to hold back gasps. Conceptualized as an izakaya that features traditional Japanese culture, Tofuro has delicious food and alcohol. Menus are available in Japanese, English and Chinese. For more information, check out our Time Travel to Tofuro article.

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