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Japanese Craft Ideas - Decorating Phone Covers with Washi Tape

Japanese Craft Ideas - Decorating Phone Covers with Washi Tape

Written by Nupur Jena

2016.11.18 Bookmark

Visitors in Japan can hardly escape the charm of washi (Japanese paper). This article introduces some creative uses of washi masking tape in daily life, from decorating objects to making original phone covers!

If you are into arts and crafts, then you have probably heard of washi tape, the decorative masking tape from Japan. Washi (traditional Japanese paper) is commonly made using fibers obtained from tree bark or from bamboo, hemp, rice and wheat.

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The Features That Make Washi A Great Crafting Item

Washi tape is reusable, biodegradable and made out of highly renewable resources. The adhesive can be silicon, rubber or acrylic depending on the brand.

Greeting Card made from Washi Tape

Simply put, washi tape is a high-quality masking tape made of rice paper. But more than that, it is a material which is beautiful and practical at the same time. You can tear it, stick it, reposition it, write on it and even use it daily life. Washi tape comes in an endless variety of cute patterns and colors. It is as strong as masking tape but does not leave behind any traces of adhesive when removed, so it is gentle enough to use on photos, stationery and even on candle containers. Yes, washi tape is every crafter’s dream!

Moreover, washi can be purchased at Japanese stationery stores, gift shops, variety goods shops such as Tokyu Hands, and even at 100 yen shops! Its availability and popularity are also one of the great qualities of Japanese paper.

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Uses of Washi Tape in Daily Life

Candles (left) and computer keyboard (right) decorated with washi tape

In case you have yet to experience the wonders of washi tape and looking for its uses in daily life, here are some fun ideas. All you need is some washi tape and a craft knife or scissors to get started. Washi tape can add a bright color splash to everyday office supplies. Wrap it around binder clips and tuck the loose edges inside the clip for a colorful way to hold your papers together.

Office clips decorated with Washi Tape

You can also apply strips of washi tape along the binding of notebooks, or go all out and completely redesign the covers. Once your stationery has been transformed by washi tape, you will never want to go back. Washi tape, though made of paper, is light weight but strong and of wonderful texture.

How to Decorate Your Phone Cover Using Washi

Let's see how to decorate or make new phone covers with Washi Tape.

Materials needed:

• Washi tape rolls
• Scissors
• Phone Case (preferably white)


1. Take a Phone case (preferably white) and keep ready all the various types of washi tape you have.

2. Take the first washi tape roll, stick some tape horizontally on the phone cover and cut the rest with a pair of scissors.

3. Do the same with the second tape roll. Place it horizontally as shown in the picture above.

4. Go on placing various patterns of washi tape until the phone cover is covered by them.

5. For the top most layer, stick the washi tape and then fold it from the sides. Cut a small oval shape for the camera using the scissors.

6. In this way, a wonderful phone cover can be made in the comfort of your home.

7. Here is another cover which was made using a different set of washi tape rolls.

Decorative Washi Tape as a Souvenir

Washi tape is easy to find in any stationery shop in Japan. We recommend the ones from Tokyu Hands or Daiso for their good quality an affordability, but many local stationery shops also have kawaii designs of washi tape.

Not to mention that, being light and compact, washi tape also makes a great souvenir. The ones with designs of Japanese food, famous places, monuments or sumo wrestlers are especially popular.

Washi tape is a wonder in its own way and once you imagine creative uses of it, you will always find new ways to use it for decoration.

If you use washi tape in daily life, share with us your innovative ideas with pictures and comments below. Enjoy your crafting!

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