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Shibuya Espoir: Try Gel Nails And Eyelash Extensions At A Beauty Salon

Shibuya Espoir: Try Gel Nails And Eyelash Extensions At A Beauty Salon

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Japanese beauty salons are well-known for their use of cutting-edge technology and courteous treatment, not to mention their high customer satisfaction rating. Today we visit Espoir, a salon in Shibuya to try their gel nail and eyelash extension services.

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Maki

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There are many salons across Japan that offer both nail and eyelash extension services. But today we would like to introduce Espoir, a beauty salon located in trendy Shibuya that has an English website.

First Time Gel Nails and Eyelash Extensions

Today is the first time for Taiwanese Ms. Peiki to try gel nails and eyelash extensions in her life, and this is a report on her experience.

Reservation Process and Important Points on Your Visit

All services at Espoir require appointments, which can be made by phone, or via the salon's Facebook page, or Instagram.
Same-day cancellations and time changes will incur a cancellation charge, so please get in touch with the salon in advance should any problems arise.

And with that said, please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you may not be able to have the service that you originally scheduled. When you arrive at the salon, inform the reception of the name of your appointed staff member and make certain to fill in the required form at the desk.

Plenty of Lovely Nail Designs to Choose From

Once you have finished at the reception desk, it's time to have a consultation with the nail artist. Here you can look over the various designs and have a consultation in basic English.

This time, our nail artist, Ms. Kikuchi, told us about the popular 2016 gel nail trends: tortoiseshell patterns, matte finishes, and mirror nails.

There are two nail courses available: a 75 minute course (7040 yen) and a 90 minute course (8240 yen). The seasonal and trendy nail samples are all so wonderful! From these you can choose the design that best suits you.

Once you have selected your design, and the length and shape of your nails has been prepared, your cuticles will be trimmed; this will make your gel nails last much longer.

How Eyelash Extensions Are Done

And once the work has started on your nails, it's time to choose which eyelash extension style you would like.

With a 140 strand plan (5980 yen for both eyes), you can choose the length and strength of curl you would like your eyelashes to have. From gorgeous to cute, different auras can be created from these designs.

This time the extensions were being handled by the salon manager, Ms. Karaki, who is a licensed beautician qualified to give eyelash extensions, making this a very safe procedure to undergo at Espoir.

After protecting the lower lashes with a special tape, each eyelash has an extension added to it, one by one.

In some salons overseas you may find that several extensions are attached to a single lash, or that they are bonded to the eyelid itself, all of which can cause eye problems and require special treatments. But here, as each individual extension is carefully added to a single lash, you will find that your eyes and lashes are well-cared for and feel very natural when finished.

After the extensions have finished being applied, a mascara-like coating is applied to them, and the treatment is finished.

The protective tape is very carefully removed from the lower lashes.

When the first eye is finished, a mirror is held up so that you can take a look at your extensions before they move on to the other eye.

The luxurious lashes really frame the shape of the eye well, and because each extension is attached to an individual lash, they look very natural, like you were born with them.

"It doesn't even look like my face now!" Ms. Peiki exclaimed happily when she saw her face afterwards. And because you can hardly feel the procedure as it is happening, you will find yourself feeling completely relaxed as you are pampered - you might even start to fall asleep.

Although it differs from person to person, eyelash extensions tend to last for about three weeks before they begin to come out with your natural lashes and lose their shape.

During that period it is possible to come in for a so-called repair service (*a separate fee), after which you will be able to keep your lush lashes and wider-appearing eyes for much longer.

How Gel Nails Are Done

After the nails have been shaped and the cuticle trimmed, the gel is spread on the nail.

Once the transparent base coat has been applied, two coats of color are then added. The nails are then placed under a UV din order to harden the gel coating.

Then any stones are added, and a transparent gel top coat is put on each nail. This coat gives the nails a great shine and makes it very hard for the color or decorations to chip or come off.

And once the gel has hardened, the nails are buffed and the process is complete.

The finished nails have various shades of pink to them, giving them a neat and clean yet elegant look, with pearl accents on the index and ring fingers.

"I'm so happy with my nails, they turned out even cuter than I thought they would!" said Ms. Peiki when she saw the finished design; she kept checking out her nails over and over again.

In Conclusion

And after the gel nail and eyelash extension service has been completed, you are served a complimentary cup of herbal tea after which it is time to pay for your session.

Japanese beauty salons offer not only cutting edge trends but impeccably conscientious service, making them salons with exceptionally high quality standards. When you come to Japan, by all means please make an appointment and try these incredible gel nails and eyelash extensions for yourself.

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