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Use Small Pockets of Time Wisely at the “Coin Space” in Shibuya Tokyu Plaza

Use Small Pockets of Time Wisely at the “Coin Space” in Shibuya Tokyu Plaza

Translated by Moeko Noda

Written by Yoko Tagami

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Right across the street from the west exit of JR Shibuya station stands Shibuya Tokyu Plaza, a department store. It is not well known that there is a convenient “coin space” in the first floor of this building.


This facility, available for use from one coin in payment, is perfect for those in need–whether you need to recharge your phone, want to rest after walking around, or can’t find a good place to breast-feed your baby.

An Oasis in the City? -The “Coin Space”-


The “coin space” is a multipurpose room that can be used from 100 yen per 12 minutes. The maximum amount of money that can be spent is 1500 yen (1000 yen with presenting an ID, children below 3 years old are admitted without any fees). Users are permitted to bring in their own drinks and food, and can also use vending machines and water servers in the space, both free of charge.

They also lend power outlets, wi-fi access, chargers for phones, laptops (100yen/12 min), and iPads (100 yen/12 min). The room also comes with a nursing room and a kids space, making the facility very well equipped for a wide range of people.

Easy registration by just receiving a wristband


The place is very easy to use¬–an exiting customer simply returns to the cashier the wristband that they received when they entered. Those uncomfortable with speaking Japanese can easily use the system, since there are no registration procedures.

A spacious interior


The first floor, which has 200 seats, is a non-smoking area. A customer can sit in a small compartment, an open table seat, or wherever he or she pleases.


Each seat is equipped with a power outlet, so that a user can charge their phone or laptop. Chargers for iPhones and Samsung products are at the reception desk.


Vending machines are free of charge. The “all you can drink” system includes beverages such as coffee and Coca Cola.


The reception desk also has microwaves and freebies such as body cream. These are also free to use.


Mothers appreciate the kids’ space, since it is difficult to find one of those in a city. Strollers are welcome in the store.


The second floor has 104 seats, and a part of it is a smoking area. There is a conference room (available for groups of 4 and up) and a copy machine, so it is convenient for meetings and preparing documents for work. High school students studying in a group, or businessmen in suits attending a serious meeting can both be seen in the store from time to time.

The “coin space” is ready for multiple uses. If you have a small amount of free time, or is in need of something, this is the place to go.
※Planned to be on business until March 22nd 2015 due to reconstructions


Coin Space

Address:1F/2F Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, 1-2-2 Dogenzaka, Shibuya
Opening Hours:9:00~22:00
Credit Cards:Unaccepted
Station:"Shibuya Station"
Access:1 min. walk from west terminal exit of JR Shibuya Station
Official HP:Coin Space

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