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Nostalgic Yanaka Sendagi In Tokyo

Nostalgic Yanaka Sendagi In Tokyo

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Yanaka Sendagi is an area in Tokyo popular with photographers and visitors for its nostalgia and uniqueness. This article introduces some of the one-of-a-kind photography and landscape visitors can experience here.

Translated by Dan

Written by Isao Nakagawa

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Nostalgic and Charming Yanaka Sendagi: Ideal for Photographers

Yanaka Ginza is a popular Japanese shotengai or shopping street, in the Yanaka Sendagi area, with many visitors coming here with a camera in tow, ready to photograph the town. In this dynamic area you will also find people walking in the streets with snacks, savoring the local cuisine, along with photographers shooting the historical buildings and structures here.

We are excited to introduce the many gems to discover in this nostalgia-filled neighborhood.


In Yanaka Sendagi, you can feel the flow of time and the personal stories even from these casually-taken photos.


The charms of this neighborhood lie in the signs of life and the hardships conveyed through photography.


Here we see bicycles loaded up with cleaning supplies.


The air is full of sentiment and nostalgia during the cherry blossom and plum blossom seasons as well.


These photographs will increase visitors' appreciation of the ordinary architecture and buildings found in shopping area and business districts.


You can sense the antique charm here, from the details like the window frame designs to the colors of the tiles and paint on the buildings. There also are companies that move into these old commercial building and remodel them into nice offices.

The black and white and sepia filters compliment the retro atmosphere of Yanaka Sendagi perfectly.

IMG_7555 (1)


Nearest station: JR Nippori station, West exit and Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line, Sendagi station.

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