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10 Twinkle Lovely Magic to Be a Super Kawaii Lolita

10 Twinkle Lovely Magic to Be a Super Kawaii Lolita

Translated by HashimotoAkane

Written by HashimotoAkane

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Do you believe in magic? "If I were a witch ... ...". Everyone must have thought such same things like that.

Do you believe in magic? "If I were a witch ... ...". Everyone must have thought such same things like that.

This time, I will introduce you to this wonderful magic to be super Kawaii Lolita! This article is for all people who are interested in Lolita fashion, who want to wear, and love to wear. I hope this article will become best textbook for your happy Lolita life. Now, let's try to be the loveliest Lolita in the world!

Magic One: Wear as you like!

Photo:Juliette et Justine

Lolita is totally different from maid or cosplay costumes. It is a special fashion born from Japanese Shojo (Girlie) Culture around 1990.

Even if you are said something sad by surrounding people because of this unique appearance, please treasure your intention to be dressed Lolita fashion. The important thing is to wear truly loved clothes.

Magic Two: Be Kawaii!

Lolita fashion is very gorgeous and elegant.

It is very important to be kawaii to complete this wonderful clothes. Spaecial make-up and hair styling will make you more beautiful. Some Lolitas use wigs, false eyelashes and color contact lenses to express their original Lolita world.

Pease don’t be ""worn"" by clothes. "Wear" the clothes.

Magic Three: Lolita Fashion is not for Attracting Boys.

Photo:Angelic Pretty

There are no sexy elements in Lolita fashion. It was born for girls who want to express their kawaii dream through fashion. If you want to attract boys, you should wear different kawaii and sexy styles, not Lolita fashion.

Lolita is not for other people. Please don’t forget to wear it just for yourself.

Magic Four:Never Forget Your Wishes.

Photo:Juliette et Justine

I want to be surrounded by a lot of frills like a princess.

I want to be beautiful like a doll.

I want to be pretty and wonderful, and also be a curious girl like Alice.

Ambitions leads you to your sweet dreams. Please never lose your wishes. Continue efforts to become who you really want to be.

Magic Five: Love Rococo and Marie Antoinette.

Photo:"Farewell My Queen" official HP

Lolita fashion is inspired from Rococo era, very famous for Marie Antoinette in the late eighteen century. A Japanese designer changed the dress from the era into a present fashionable cloth, Lolita fashion.

It means that if you love Lolita fashion, you must long for Rococo. It’s elegant and gorgeous. And wearing a wonderful frilly dress, when you go to the tea party everyday. It’s important to imagine that era and make your Lolita heart stronger.

Be elegant and gorgeous like a princess from Rococo.

Magic Six: You Are a Girl Forever.

The good example of “girl” is Alice from Alice’s adventures in wonderland. Alice loses her way and goes around strange but funny world. During the journey, she is very curious and bravely.

Many Lolita fashion lovers like Alice. When attending a tea party or going for adventure outside, don't be afraid to be lost! Let’s enjoy Lolita life like Alice.

Magic Seven: Please Be Careful for Basic Manners.

Even if you wear a gorgeous dress like princess, it is just fashion when you go outside. Yes, you’re a princess of Rococo in your room, but after you take a step to outside,the world there is in 21 century, roads are made by concrete!

Some people don’t like Lolita fashion because Lolita is very easy to stand out among the crowd and it’s very different from casual fashion. Your heartless behavior may lead the bad imagine of all Lolita. So when you go outside, please don’t be selfish, keep bare manners.

Magic Eight: Treasure the Heart of Lolita.

Sometimes, you need courage to wear Lolita fashion because it’s very unique and everyone may look at you. Furthermore, somesspeople may say Lolita is a maid or a cosplay and take your photos without permission.

You should make up your mind and continue to wear Lolita fashion to come true your dream.

Lolita fashion is only one fashion which you can freely express yourself. Don’t care about surrounding people’s eyes.

"This style is me." Please keep on dressing as you like.

Magic Nine: Cherish Lolita Fashion.

Do you hate to wear same clothes as other people? Are you satisfied with yourself? Do you do things you really want to do?

Fashion is free. Here is not Rococo era, neither Wonderland, but you was born in such wonderful world.

Be honest about yourself and enjoy doing what you really want. Please show yourself straight.

Magic Ten: Express Your Original Lolita Fashion.

Photo:Juliette et Justine

The last magic is the most important.

Love Lolita fashion and enjoy wearing them more than anything else. Show your wonderful world in your original ways only you can do. You will be the most beautiful girl in the world when you are just like yourself.


How was the ten magic to be super kawaii Lolita?

You will be a wonderful Lolita.

I hope this article would become a good example for people who already love Lolita fashion and the key to Lolita world for people who don’t know Lolita.

Now, let’s go outside with your most favorite dress!

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