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Welcome to Osaka Shinsekai (New World)

Welcome to Osaka Shinsekai (New World)

Translated by YukimiMizuno

Written by Hitoshi Kinoshita

Osaka 2014.12.21 Bookmark

In a part of downtown Osaka, there is an area called Shinsekai, meaning a new world. The well known landmark of Osaka, Tsu-ten-kaku is also located in this area.

103 meters tower "Tsu-ten-kaku"

Explore around Tsu-ten-kaku

Near Tsu-ten-kaku, there is a restaurant called "Daruna". The restaurant is famous for Kushi katsu (deep fried meat) and the place is always crowded. Japanese celebrities often visit this place as well.


You also can see classic public bathes and retro looking coffee houses.


It seems to take you back in time just by looking around the street.

Special food in Shinsekai


Kushikatsu is popular food in Shinsekai, but you also can find Takoyaki, BBQ, and Oden. Walking around Shinsekai always make people hungry because so many tempting food is out there.

Make sure to go there with an empty stomach so that you can try food as much as you want in the street.


BBQ is a good choice. Aroma of seasoning fills the street, and sound of grilling meat is so appetizing.


Don't forget to try Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, the most famous street food in Osaka. If you smell savoy aroma of souse and fish flakes, it's hard to not loosen up your wallet.


Udon is other choice as well. The aroma of souse and fish flakes remind a gentle taste of Udon.

Various highlight spots in Shinsekai


You can take a rickshaw in Shinsekai. The fare is 1000 yen per person. While riding a rickshaw and seeing around the street, you might find something new that you can't see just by walking .

From 10am to 5pm, you can always explore Sinsekai.


A game called "Smart ball" is another thing to do in Sinsekai. The rule of the game is simple. Aim a whole and shoot a white ball. You will get a prize based on the score you get. 25 balls for 100 yen.


Looks easy but it's actually quite challenging. The design and location of wholes vary each table, so try different tables to play.


The game is pretty fun so you might forget time and get into it. The retro looking shop helps to make space comfortable. If you visit Shinsekai, why don't you stop by here? You will surely have a good time.

Feels Taisho period in Shinsekai

Shinsekai still has old time atmosphere of the town. Come visit Sinsekai while you are in Osaka and enjoy street food and street culture.


Osaka Shinsekai

Address:Ebisuhigashi, Naniwaku, Osaka-shi, Osaka area
Access:JR Osaka loop line, Shinimamiya station East Exit
/Metro Ebisucho station Exit 3
/Metro Dobutsuenmae station Exit 1
/Hankai Tramway Ebisucho station Exit 3
/City bus Ebisucho station

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