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Must for fans!! Realistic Gundam World Cafe

Must for fans!! Realistic Gundam World Cafe

Translated by Akihito Usui

Written by Akihito Usui

Tokyo 2014.02.28 Bookmark

A minute walk from  "Denki-gai" exit of Akihabara Station will take you to this Gundam café.

V antenna, biggest trademark of Gundam


This antenna with red block at the center is literally named as "V antenna" in the animation series of "Gundam".  This antenna is very impressive for Gundam’s face. The outside wall looks just  cool and stylish which constructed only white and black. It’s just simple, but just cool!!

The interior is cool as well!!

The inside is stylish too and this atmosphere makes you feel quite comfortable.


There are also many devices that provide  for Gundam Otaku. The roof represents the galaxy and there is the Gundam there.

In construct, this is a pretty device. The green figure is called HARO. HARO is like a mascot character in Gundam.


It’s pretty funny, isn’t it?


The food menu represents Gundam world faithfully

The menu creates a real Gundam world and the foods are quite filling.


These drinks are named HARO latte and HARO latte has 2 flavors. The left one is chocolate and the right one is milk flavor. There are a lot of other unique foods such as roll cake aspect has the face of the halo.

Is that all about Gundam Cafe?

The answer is NO.


Even in the bathroom, there is a trick to keep grabbing the hearts of the Gundam fans. You will see a little button once you get in, then when you press, little production will begin.

You should see it for your own eyes!

A Café, at the same time an amusement park

Gundam Cafe is not too much to say it is like amusement park for Gundam fan It is sure that there is a new awareness when I look carefully to every corner. It is such a fabulous café that attracts people who do not know much Gundam into the world of Gundam. Even if you are not interested in Gundam, you should visit.


Gundam café Akihabara

Adress:Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kandahanaoka cho 1-1
Access:1 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station Denkigaiguchi
Opening our:Weekday 10:00~23:00
Saturday 8:30~23:00
Sunday & Public holiday 8:30~21:30

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