Why We Go To Tokyu Hands - It's An Unbelievable Place!

Why We Go To Tokyu Hands - It's An Unbelievable Place!


Tokyu Hands is a place where you can buy almost anything. Some people visit there every week, others stop by every once in a while. Have you ever wondered why others like Tokyu Hands? Today we interviewed some visitors and asked for their frank answers.

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Written by MATCHA-PR

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Tokyu Hands is a variety store where you can buy just about anything. Some people visit there once a week, others for seasonal products, and some just drop by when they need something specific. It all depends on the shopper.

But have you ever been curious as to why people like shopping at Tokyu Hands? Today, we stopped by and got some frank answers from shoppers.

Tokyu Hands

It’s Always Fun!


Hi! What brings you to Tokyu Hands today?

I just stopped by walking around Tokyo. I've been traveling through Europe and Asia for about 6 months now, and now I’m here for a layover. I’m just enjoying my last moments till my flight for home!

That’s a pretty long journey! Is this your first visit here?

No. I've been here before, 3 years ago. And today this is my third time [at Tokyu Hands]. It hasn't changed a lot inside here, always amazing.

Oh really? Did you pick up anything today?

Not yet. I saw that silver clay over there yesterday, and I’ve been wondering ever since if I should pick some up to take home. I really like making crafts, and I just might be able to cram it in my suitcase if I’m lucky.

Could you explain Tokyu Hands in one phrase?

You never know what you will find, but it is always fun!

Ms.T, an American wanting silver clay

Shopping for Gardening Supplies with Daughter


Hello! What brings you here today?

I wanted to check out some gardening supplies, so I came here with my daughter. There aren't many other places in Tokyo where you can find a variety of materials like this.

I see. What have you found so far today?

A hose. It's a little blushing to be asked about this.

Don’t worry about it! So, what kind of place is Tokyu Hands for you?

I'd say it's a place that makes me forget time. I can walk in and sometimes find that half the day has passed before I’ve finished my shopping here.

Mrs. M and her daughter, taking their time shopping

Made in Japan Products are Great


Hi! Where did you guys come from?


Wow! What brings you out here?

Well, this place is quite famous in Korea. We were planning to come here since before we arrived in Japan.

Yeah, there are a lot of pages about Tokyu Hands on the Internet.

That’s great! So, what did you guys decide to pick up today?

Some small things! Towel, badges, bags, and ... I've bought them for both me and my friends.

Why towels?

Because they’re really good quality, and soft... and they’re made in Japan, so that’s to be expected.

Thank you. How would you describe Tokyu Hands, now that you’ve shopped here?

It's interesting, fun, and well-organized!

Mr.C and his friend from Korea, impressed by Japanese quality

Hands Makes Us Smile


Good afternoon! Seems you are out with your family. What brought you here?

I’m actually looking for a business bag to go with my suit. (To his daughter) No, don’t go that way!

She's so cute.

There are so so many different things to see, she gets all excited and tries to run off to the next thing that catches her eye.

Did you manage to get your bag yet?

Not yet. I've been looking through at lots of other things instead, I guess I got caught up in the excitement too.

I totally understand where you're coming from. Tokyu Hands is that kind of place, isn't it?

You're right. Every time I visit, I always find something that I needed, or something that I really want to try. Since there is such a variety of goods see, everyone in my family can enjoy themselves when we shop here too.

Mr.M and his family, shopping and having fun together

Tokyu Hands? It's a Treasure House of Fun!


Hi! Are you here shopping?

Yes, we were looking for some funny things to take it to a party later on.

Oh, did you find anything you liked yet?

Yeah, we did. Haven't decided which to buy yet though!

What kind of a place is Tokyu Hands for you?

Absolutely, a treasure house of fun! We always find something here. Good for topics to talk about with friends, too. ...Oh, you're taking pictures too? Then please take one at the party goods corner!

Mr.N and his friend, searching for party goods

Amusing Displays


Hello! Why did you choose to come to Tokyu Hands today?

I came here to get wooden blocks for my sculpture. I do that as a hobby. Look at this piece, it’s heavy but has a good wooden texture... and we were also looking for a hat for my daughter.

Wow, that really is heavy! Do you always shop at Tokyu Hands?

No, actually it's my first time here. My wife came here about 5 years ago. But today we were out on Tokyo sightseeing, and came here by chance.

Oh so it's your very first time! How is it so far?

Wooden materials, bicycles, and stationery... I didn't know there could be so many things all in one store. There aren't many similar stores like this back in China. And, yes, the displays here too. They're so well organized, and fun just to look at.

Mr.J and his family from China, living in Hokkaido, finding sculpture parts

I'd Say 'Eccentric'!


Hello! Where did you come from?

I'm from London. And she's from L.A.

Wow, that’s quite the distance. What brings you to Tokyu Hands today?

We see its name everywhere on web! On Facebook of course, and on websites also. We don’t want to regret it if we miss out on something here, because we can’t come here that often!

What did you buy?

I've got quite a lot art supplies and souvenirs for my friends. Look at these earrings too, aren’t they so cute and Japanese?


What kind of a place is Tokyu Hands? In one word?

Good question. Hmm. Maybe ‘comprehensive’?

Nah, that's too formal. I'd rather say ‘eccentric’.

Eccentric!? Are you sure?

Ms.S and her friend, discussing the definition of ‘eccentric’

Why Tokyu Hands is Loved by Everyone

Everyone has their own unique reason for visiting Tokyu Hands, but the one thing that they all had in common was just how much they loved shopping at Tokyu Hands. We encountered so many different people from all around the world, which really surprised us. It seems that the world is starting to see just how great Tokyu Hands is too!

Seeing is believing. One trip to Tokyu Hands just might steal your heart away.


Tokyu Hands Shibuya Branch
Address:Tokyo Shibuya-ku Udagawa-cho 12-18
Wi-Fi:Available on 7A and 5A floors
Credit Cards:Available
Nearest Station:Shibuya Station
Access:Walk straight towards the north from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit. On the left hand you will see Seibu A and B towers. Turn left between them, and go along Inokashira-dori. On the right side, you will see Tokyu Hands ahead of you
Website: Tokyu Hands Shibuya

Interviewer/writer:Makiko Fukushima
English Interviewer:Miki Takeshita
Photo:Takuro Komatsuzaki

Why We Go To Tokyu Hands - It's An Unbelievable Place!

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