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New Sweet Brands from SHUNKADO known for

New Sweet Brands from SHUNKADO known for "UNAGI PIE"

Shizuoka 2014.08.01 Bookmark

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by Shion Suzuki

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There are many popular traditional sweets in Japan. Most of them are supported by food creators who keep on producing new tastes and ideas along the era.

"SHUNKADO(春華堂)" in Shizuoka is one of those traditional sweet confectionery. Its representative snack "UNAGI PIE(うなぎパイ)" is known all over Japan. They opened new brands from July.

What is UNAGI PIE?

It is a stick pie with UNAGI powder(powder dried from eel soup stock) mixed in, which is known widely for the best souvenir of Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture. It is always ranked high as local souvenir among the Japanese.

My the way this UNAGI PIE is also known for its catch phrase saying "The Sweet of Night". There are no "deep" meaning on this; the founder created this phrase with hope to customers buying this snack home after work to enjoy it with their families.

"Nutrition and taste is all about sweets"

The basic rule of creating food in SHUNKADO is to "show gratitude toward the local ingredients and offer original, surprising taste". Also, the philosophy is "Nutrition and taste is all about sweets".

The two brands "Gokoku-ya(五穀屋)" and "coneri" created for the first time in 53 years, also succeeds this philosophy of SHUNKADO.

Wisdom of Wa(和), "Gokoku-ya"

"Gokoku-ya(五穀屋/Five grain shop)" is a sweet brand with hope of creating foods from pure Japanese ingredients in this contemporary world where you can easily try menus from overseas. Combination of five grains, fermentation, seasonal life creates Wa(和/harmony,peace,"Japanese")is the message conveyed through their products.

  • Five grain Manju ITSUKUSA (五穀まんじゅう いつくさ)

Black Rice Sake(黒米酒/KOKUMAI ZAKE), TAKAKIBI Salty malt(たかきび塩麹/TAKAKIBI shio kouji), KIBI mandarin vinegar(きびみかん酢/KIBI mikan-su), Soy sauce barley(醤油香せん/SHO-YU KOUSEN), and Millet miso(あわ味噌/AWA miso) flavors are available.

  • Five grain Ohagi HARUGOTO (五穀おはぎ はるごと)

It is a sweet made from mixed rices and grains. Imagine a sweetened rice ball.

  • Fertilized Youkan ITSUKI (発酵さしすせそ羊羹 五季)
  • Five Grain Monaka YOTSUWARI (五穀最中 よつ割り)
  • FIve Grain Sembei Cracker YAMAMUSUBI (五穀せんべい 山むすび)
  • Bean Snack CHIZIMAME (豆菓子 千千豆)

You can also try original Dorayaki and Amazake in collaboration with grains.

Pie Specialty Store "coneri"

Original "coneri powder" made from blends of Japanese wheat is the main ingredient of their pie sold here. The crisp and smell of rich wheat full your mouth in a bite.

Original powder, taste of butter, and thin layers of baked dough... this is different from pies you knew.

  • coneri chobi(こねりチョビ)

Plain(プレーン), Mikatahara Sweet potato(三方原ばれいしょ/Mikatahara Bareisho), Hamanako aonori(浜名湖あおのり/Hamanako seaweed), Sugar beet(てんさい糖/Tensai-to), Barley(大麦/O-mugi), Ginger(しょうが/Syouga) flavors are available. Dips specialized for these pies can be bought as well.

There are six dips in total: Anko&Mixed Berries(あんこ&ミックスベリー), Blueberry(ブルーベリー), Orange&Chocolate(オレンジチョコレート), Salt Caramel(塩キャラメル), Shrimp tartar sauce(桜エビタルタルソース), and Salty malt & tomato sauce (塩こうじトマトソース).

Enjoy "Gokoku-ya" and "coneri", the two unique sweet brands!



Address:Shizuoka Hamamatsu Hamamatsu kita-ku Somejidai 6-7-11
Phone:053-587- 7778
Opening Hours:9:00~19:00
/Eat-in L.O. 18:30
Seats:15(Standing included) No reservations available
Take-out menus can be purchased
Access:Stop at Enshu railway "Hamakita station(浜北駅)" and take the Entetsu bus(遠鉄バス) bound for Seirei mikatahara hospital(聖隷三方原病院), hop off at "Somejidai 3 cho-me(染地台3丁目)" and walk 20 minutes

Address:Shizuoka Hamamatsu Hamamatsu kita-ku Somejidai 6-7-11
Opening Hours:9:00~20:00 No reservations available
Access:Stop at Enshu railway "Hamakita station(浜北駅)" and take the Entetsu bus(遠鉄バス) bound for Seirei mikatahara hospital(聖隷三方原病院), hop off at "Somejidai 3 cho-me(染地台3丁目)" and walk 20 minutes

*From 20th of July, both brands had opened net shops. (Some sweets and snacks not available)

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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