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Yamada Stationery Shop In Mitaka - Find Your Favorite Item!

Yamada Stationery Shop In Mitaka - Find Your Favorite Item!

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In Japan, you can find many unique stationery that you cannot find anywhere else. At Yamada Stationery Shop in Mitaka, Tokyo, you can find from retro stationery to popular long sellers too!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Eri Okubo

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Stationery - Great Souvenirs from Japan!

In Japan, you can find unique, high-quality stationery you cannot find in other countries.

The Yamada Stationery shop located in Mitaka, Tokyo carries a wide range of items. From retro style stationery to must-have long selling items, and even fancy or formal stationery. There are rows of goods according to themes of the stationery which makes this an exciting shop even for window shoppers.

Why not find the perfect stationery to give as a souvenir from Japan?

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A Shop Loved by Tourists and Locals

Yamada Bungu photo01

The Yamada Stationery Shop opened in a residential area in Mitaka, Tokyo in 2008. Within the shop, there are nearly 1600 cute stationery items that capture the hearts of both tourists and locals alike.

During the school season, the shop is filled with customers looking for gifts. On weekends, there are many tourists that stop by while carrying bags from the nearby Ghibli Museum. It is a shop frequently visited by a variety of customers. On the day of our visit during the weekday, the shop had plenty of customers in search of items.

Yamada Bungu photo02

The shop with tall glass windows and blue walls is Yamada Stationery  Shop. Look out for the sign with a fountain pen. As we were looking around, we spotted some elementary school children pressing their faces against the glass and looking in the shop.

Medical Goods and Sumo Wrestler Stationery? Fun and Cute Items!

At Yamada Stationery Shop, you will find funny items that look like medical tools or even stationery with sumo wrestler designs.

Yamada Bungu photo04

Fun items include things like a pen in the shape of a syringe (140 yen with tax), medical trays, medicine bags, and a section with a collection of medical themed goods can be found. Isn't it amusing to find actual medical tools in a stationery shop? The medicine bag is also great to use as a gift bag.

Yamada Bungu photo03

In the sumo section, you will find stationery with designs featuring sumo wrestlers. This limited edition letter set was made as a collaborative item between Yamada Stationery and a designer that can only be found here.

Yamada Bungu photo15

Along with sumo wrestlers, we also found normal wrestler stationery too! It will be up to you to figure out where to write your message on this adorable stationery. Why not send a fun message to someone with a sense of humor?

Retro Japanese Stationery

There is also stationery with authentic Japanese designs and cute, retro designs.

Yamada Bungu photo13

Here is a real kokeshi doll (*1), plus origami paper, bookmarks, and plenty of more surprising kokeshi themed stationery. It is a must-have for kokeshi lovers.

*1 Kokeshi: A Japanese folk craft. Normal kokeshi dolls are shaped like a cylinder with a ball for a head and are designed to look like a child's doll.

Yamada Bungu photo06

Yamada Bungu photo10

You can also find a wide range of wrapping paper and bags. You can use them to wrap gifts, but you can also use them as a book covers or you can even write letters on them. How you use these items is up to you.

Japanese Elementary School Atmosphere

There are plenty of stationery goods that may remind Japanese people of their childhood here too.

Yamada Bungu photo08

Yamada Bungu photo14

A vaulting horse that kids tried hard to leap over is now a box to store small items in. Crayons and sakura motives that are almost always used in Japanese elementary schools have been redesigned as a towel and toothbrush. They would make perfect gifts for children entering school now.

Yamada Bungu photo11

Yamada Bungu photo07

They also carry the classic blackboard, eraser, chalk, library card and more. A Japanese library card was featured in the Ghibli film, ”Mimi wo Sumaseba” (Whisper of the Heart) as a key item used for the two protagonists to meet. The use of the library card has been decreasing lately, but they would be nice to use one as a message card or even a bookmark while thinking of an old Japanese library.

Merchandise That Makes Perfect Souvenirs of Japan

Aside from stationery, there are small items that would make perfect gifts from Japan.

Yamada Bungu photo09

For those who think Japanese paper balloons only come in green, pink and yellow, think again. At Yamada Stationery, you will find paper balloons that come in panda and penguin shapes. They are so cute, it may be hard to just play with it. They make very adorable room decorations if hung from the ceiling like lanterns.

Yamada Bungu photo05

Small paper money pouches with Japanese designs are also very popular. These bags are normally used to give children their allowances. The smallest pouch is made to fit a dollar in.

Yamada Bungu photo18

The Tokyo Landmark Specialties Stickers are designed to be like workbook stickers. This is also an exclusive item that can only be found in Yamada Stationery shop.

Cute Items For You

Aside from stationery, you can also find stylish and cute items as well.

Yamada Bungu photo19

Pins and magnets in the shape of bread that are so accurate, you may want to take a bite out of them! These are actually made using real ingredients. They have been dried and coated repetitively to prevent rotting. This is one of the most popular items in the shop.

Yamada Bungu photo17

Yamada Bungu photo16

Another very popular item is stationery with drawings by the illustrator Eri Masuko. They are so popular, they even sell out online.

Find Something You Like

Yamada Bungu photo12

The shop is very spacious and even mothers with strollers can look around at ease.

With so many thematic stationery items to choose from, you're sure to fine something that catches your eye. Why not stop by the Yamada Stationery Shop the next time you are in Mitaka?

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