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Yanaka Ginza, Nippori - A Nostalgic And Lively Shopping Street

Yanaka Ginza, Nippori - A Nostalgic And Lively Shopping Street

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Written by Isao Nakagawa

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Yanaka Ginza in Nippori, Tokyo, is a traditional Japanese shopping street that allows its visitors to view a slice of Tokyo life from many years ago. Dial back the clock and enjoy a unique and entertaining shopping and dining experience here.

Yanaka Ginza, A Must-Visit Shopping Street


Yanaka Ginza nestled in the Yanesen area of Tokyo, is a traditional Japanese shotengai, or shopping street. It is located just a few minutes away from the west exit of JR Nippori Station and Sendagi Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.

Shotengai are common throughout Japan, but this neighborhood is particularly special. In Yanaka Ginza, visitors will sense the humanity and feel joy here amongst the nostalgia of the scenery and the energy from brushing into daily life from long ago.

Here you will find elements of what is thought to have disappeared from modern city life, like performances of traditional beigoma, or spinning tops, and other rare scenes. This is the perfect place to shop, enjoy meal, and savor the atmosphere of Japan.


There are many food and drink establishments at bargain prices, as well as souvenir shops, packed into this shopping street.


At the countless small food stores here you can find freshly-made, home-cooked Japanese dishes. You're in luck if you are wondering what to have for dinner, or are looking for something to snack on as you stroll about.

Yanaka Ginza contains landscape that makes us appreciate the everyday pleasures in life. We think the nostalgic atmosphere here preserved from long ago will continue to be accepted and enjoyed.


You will always find this shotengai bustling with shoppers. However, at here you will find many people standing up eating and drinking, or visitors walking around, searching for a seat on top of colorful plastic beer cases outside izakaya to sit down at. 

This laidback atmosphere is part of the charm of Yanaka Ginza. You may end up staying here longer than you expect!


You can't miss out on seeing the Yuyake Dandan, or "Sunset Stairs," where you can observe the magnificent setting sun here. This is a popular photo spot at the top of the street and offers some incredible views of the area.

The nostalgic atmosphere of Yanaka Ginza will surely transport you to a different time period.

Yanaka Ginza

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