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【SHOUTENGAI】Wandering Around with MATCHA Editorial Board

【SHOUTENGAI】Wandering Around with MATCHA Editorial Board
  • 【SHOUTENGAI】Wandering Around with MATCHA Editorial Board

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by Ito Kentaro

Tokyo 2014.07.31 Bookmark

Shoutengai supports the life of people in every region of Japan. Even though the number has decreased now, it still function to assist lives in many places.


We focused on "Togoshi-ginza shoutengai" this time. We already walked around the place with several people, but we knew that there still must be hidden appeal points. So, the editorial board of MATCHA also visited the place.

Many walk to and fro shopping or walking home on the evening at Togoshi-ginza shoutengai. The street becomes a pedestrian precinct these hours, and it is the best time with cool winds to go out for a shopping walk.

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Appetizing Smell

Walking through the street, we could see restaurants with chairs and tables on the front. Isn't it great to enjoy the atmosphere of shopping street with a cup of alcohol? We chose a restaurant to eat by smell.


Where we decided to step in is "Yakitori Ebisu(焼き鳥 エビス)". They grilled yakitori by the entrance, and that was why they gave out appetizing smell! Many people were already sitting inside and front of this restaurant.


Only Japanese menu is available. But it's possible to ask for yakitoris by pointing out them in the showcase. "Shoutengai" is a place where you can communicate with others without any fixed form. Just make sure you tell the staff which flavor you are going to try; Salt(Shio/塩) or Sweetened soy sauce(Tare/タレ). Each stick costs around 100 yen.


We ordered few sticks of yakitori, edamame(green soy beans/枝豆), and sake. Our recommendation is yakitori of "hinadori(young chicken)", which is soft and juicy. It's pretty an unique menu, so please try it if you have chance to.

Beside yakitori, there are menus like edamame and motsu nikomi(stewed offal and vegetables/もつ煮込み). You can also order sake and beers there (350 yen~).


There are many single visitors eating and drinking here. Sometimes you need courage to enter Izakaya full of tables. However you can peek inside of Ebisu very easily, so this Izakaya is quite easy for beginners to go in.

All the time when somebody walks in They sayv"Excuse me, I'm walking through" and you will reply, "No problem" while pushing your seat to make his way. Such small chances are when conversation starts.

Hot Oden in Hot Season

Drinking around in shoutengai never ends within one restaurant. Let's move on to the next right away!


Where we arrived at is "Goto Kamaboko Shop(後藤蒲鉾店)" It's mainly a store of Oden, where you can enjoy it with the eating space next to the store.


Why this store so attracted us is this Oden hot pot!

Oden is a hot pot menu just like above, and the soup / ingredients differ by each restaurants and families. It is a menu representing the winter in Japan, but oden in summer is also delicious!


Hanpen(Steamed minced fish with potatoes), Mochi-kinchaku(Deep-fried tofu stuffed with rice cake), and egg were what we asked for. 3 menus and 1 alcohol set for 500 yen. There are many other menus as well, so try them pointing out.


Croquettes are famous in Togoshi-ginza shoutengai. This store also has its original croquette.


"Oden croquette(70yen)" It is stuffed with potato, and seasoned oden menus especially the popular radish.

When the Store Closes


Many of the stores in Togoshi-ginza shoutengai closes at 19:00 or 20:00. When the store closes, it's the time to leave the place. Shoutengai is the street for local people, so we visitors should not bother them during the night when they gather home.

Housewives and students, office men are all heading home in a hurry. Walking through this shoutengai with hearty relationship of the neighbors, you might be reminded of your precious people.


Yakitori Ebisu(焼鳥 エビス)

Address:Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Togoshi 2-5-3
Opening Hours:Weekdays 15:00~19:00, Weekends 13:00~19:00
Closed Days:Mon・Thu
Credit Cards:Unavailable
Closest Station:Tokyu Ikegami line "Togoshi-ginza Station(戸越銀座)"
Access:Toei Subway Asakusa line "Togoshi Station" 5 minutes walk
/Tokyu Ikegami line "Togoshi-ginza Station(戸越銀座) 7 minutes walk
Price:100~400 yen

Goto Kamaboko Shop(後藤蒲鉾店)

Address:Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Togoshi 2-6-8
Opening Hours:10:00~20:00
Closed Days:Tuesday
Credit Cards:Unavailable
Language:Japanese Only
Closest Station:Tokyu Ikegami line "Togoshi-ginza Station(戸越銀座)"
Access:Toei Subway Asakusa line "Togoshi Station" 6 minutes walk
/Tokyu Ikegami line "Togoshi-ginza Station(戸越銀座) 8 minutes walk

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The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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