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【COMIKET】3 Things to prepare for Comiket in Winter

【COMIKET】3 Things to prepare for Comiket in Winter

Tokyo 2014.08.14 Bookmark

Translated by Michiyo Nakashima

Written by Akihito Usui

The summer COMIKET is right there, but once the summer is gone, the winter COMIKET is gonna come soon as well for Otaku. It’s only four months ahead until the winter Komike. To fully enjoy it, we are going to introduce three things that help you feel warm and comfortable at the venue.

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Wear A Thin Jacket That is Resistant to Wind

It is important to be warm enough when you are waiting outside of the gate, but you will be sweating once you get to inside. I would recommend you to wear a thin but warm jacket that is resistant to wind and rain and easily kept in your backpack or something so you don’t have to be bothered by carrying a heavy jacket whole time in the crowd. Also, a muffler and groves help to keep you warm.

Bring Disposable Body Warmer

It makes your body feel pretty warm if you attach them on your back or belly. After 10 minutes or so once you open the bag, the body warmer gets pretty warm and it keeps your phalanges from getting cold. The heat will last for several hours.

Newspaper When Sitting Outside the Gate

Unless you bring a mobile chair, you will be sitting on the ground when you are waiting. The concrete on the ground will dissipate your body heat from the bottom. However, a piece of newspaper will be your saver if you bring one. Spreading a piece of newspaper on the concrete ground will help your body to keep the cold away from the ground.

It's always good to overdo preparation in the winter because the weather is harsh. What’s more, if you are planning to wait at the west hall gate, you should be aware that there is a cold wind from the ocean, which makes it colder than waiting at the east hall gate. So don’t forget to bring these three items!


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