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How To Stay Overnight In Haneda Airport's International Terminal

How To Stay Overnight In Haneda Airport's International Terminal

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When you have to take an early morning flight but can't afford to stay in a hotel and know that first train is not early enough, this is the guide you need!

"I have to take an early flight from Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal but taking the first train won't get me there on time and staying in a hotel or taking a taxi there is way out of my budget."

If you are stuck in this situation, don't worry! Here we have prepared a guide to help you spend the night in Haneda Airport's International Passenger Terminal for free.

Please remember: You can only sleep in the International Terminal.

Can You Really Do That?

The answer is YES!

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal has become a 24 hour International Airport, and as the name suggests, there are many shops and public facilities open for 24 hours in the terminal. If you would like to see what the terminal has to offer, please refer to this link.

How Do I Stay There?

1. Time of Arrival

Firstly, we recommend arriving between 9- 10 p.m. as the majority of shops and dining places are still open at this time. You can get yourself in the traveling spirit and see what the airport has to offer while there are still plenty of people about to chat with if you are feeling lonely. Not only that, but this way you can scout around for the best place to sleep! Finding a comfortable sofa is very important and should be done early.

If you don't want to worry about your luggage as you sleep, both temporary luggage storage services and coin lockers are available. The temporary luggage storage service is located on both levels 2 and 3, and has size and weight restrictions and fees for storage. The same goes for coin lockers: these can provide temporary storage for luggage that will fit within the locker, but are reset at midnight and can cost you extra should your luggage become trapped inside. The best option is to keep your luggage with you under your seat or next to you as you sleep.

2. How to Pass the Time

There are 3 main ways to pass the time in the airport.
1. Take a stroll - there are many different shops, restaurants, architectural features and even some art work located throughout the airport. If you happen to find an area that really appeals to you, why not make that your base for the night?
2. Spend the night in a restaurant - if you don't mind ordering drinks and food through the night, you can easily pass the time in a restaurant, but you won't be able to sleep there.
3. Sleeping on a sofa - there are sofas located on the second, third and fifth floors near the observation areas, however these are outside of the security gates and very public. If the sound of that doesn't appeal to you, then the first 2 options are your best choices.


You can look over the midnight airport from Cafe Cardinal located on the fourth floor. Here you will find other travelers passing the night by playing their video games or using their computers, so you can rest at ease here.


There are some comfortable sofas and some guards walking around this cafe so you can rest peacefully; but please still make sure to keep your passport and other valuables close to you.

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