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Enjoy fresh vegetables! 5 vegan restaurants and cafes in Tokyo

Enjoy fresh vegetables! 5 vegan restaurants and cafes in Tokyo

Translated by UCHACA

Written by Madoka Nakamura

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“The restaurants for vegetarian and vegan are expensive and look exclusive.”Don’t you have a image like this? In these days,this vegan and vegetarian life style is draw increasing attention in Japan.In this article,I introduce you 5 vegan restaurants a

"The restaurants for vegetarian and vegan are expensive and look exclusive."Don't you have a image like this?

In these days,this vegan and vegetarian life style is draw increasing attention in Japan.In this article,I introduce you 5 vegan restaurants and cafes in Tokyo.I selected the restaurants and cafes to eat fresh vegetable if you are vegetarian or not.

(1)meu nota/Koenji

Restaurant cafe "meu nota" is located near Koenji Station.The inside of a restaurant is cozy and like lodge in the wood.

Water is available at self-service counter.Menu of photo is Taco-rice and Vegetable mixed curry and rice, you can order them as half size.

This restaurant is cozy like my private room.You can stay at ease and enjoy having vegetable cuisine.There are miso soup and set meals that change from day to day.

It's also plenty of variety beverage menu; teas, organic juice,wine and beer ,so would you like to select beverage which is match dessert menu.

(2)Rejuve /Kagurazaka

2-3 min. walk from Kagurazaka,"Rejuve" is located.There is an abundant vegan food menu whose main is raw food*1. This restaurant is arranged like the west coast of the US.You can feel warmth of wood.

This "Salad-lunch" (with smoothie,dessert and beverage) is consisted of all raw food. The taste of the high-quality ingredients is what makes these dishes work.

Appetizer of lunch and dinner is daily special smoothie.

Wine ,champagne and organic beer are also prepared so you can enjoy alcohol and vegetable together at dinner time.

You can take smoothie out and choose 3 kinds of them.

(*1)A raw foods consists of unprocessed vegan foods that have not been heated above 117 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius).


Macrobiotic vegan restaurant "KOBACHIYA" is located underground of Scenario Hall near Akasaka Station. Atmosphere of this restaurant is like hiding place. There are counter seats,table for 4 people and big table for 8 people.

This photo is one of the dinner menu, vegan sweet‐and‐sour pork which uses soy bean meat.It contains many big cut vegetables.

In addition to this,there are set menu,noodles and soy bean meat menu.

You can eat salad as much as you like in daily lunch set!And more,you need to reserve by the day before if you want to eat five pungent roots*2.

(*2)Five pungent roots are onions, garlic, scallions, leeks, and chives.Vegetarian without these five pungent roots is called "Oriental vegetarian".

(4)Vege Cafe Tao /Daikanyama

Organic cafe is located at part of the corner in Daikanyama "Vege Cafe Tao".It is established together with beauty parlor. Inside of the cafe has bright atmosphere which is designed with white color.You can eat and drink while seeing outside and also take smoothie and vegetable juice out.

Daily lunch menu is organic vegetable,unmilled rice,miso soup and side-dish.Here photo is grilled vegetable and tofu.Of course,they are vegan food so baked without eggs.

Graincereals (dandelion,chicory and so on) coffee is prepared after cuisine. It is a decaffeinated coffee so good for the person who want to avoid drinking caffein.

(5)Island Veggie /Hiroo

Like in hawaii, "Island Veggie" is located at the place where 2 min. walk from Hiroo Station.This is restaurant and cafe which is collaborated with Sambazon (American famous company which deal with Açaí berry).You can enjoy not only Açaí bawl but also vegan burger.There are many seats on 1st floor and 2nd floor.

There are many kinds of Açaí in"Island Veggie". This is Matcha Açaí bawl.Drink Açaí paste with fruits. The bitter taste of matcha powder is match the sweetness of banana and the coldness of Açaí paste spreads in your mouth.

How about visiting here as spending fruits morning because it opens on 8 o'clock in the morning.

What do you think?
There are ever so many more vegan restaurants and cafe.Enjoy having vegetable cuisine more if you are vegetarian or not.


meu nota

Address:2nd floor,3-45-11,Koenji-minami,Suginami-ku,Tokyo
Hours:6:00pm~11:30pm(L.O.10:30pm) on Wednesday/Lunch 12:00~3:00pm/cafe 3:00pm~11:30pm(L.O.10:30pm) on Monday to Thursday

Credit card:NA
Language:There is English menu
Access:5 min. walk from South exit of Koenji Station, JRChuo-Sobu Line and Tokyo metro Tozai Line
Price range:1000~3000 yen
Official Homepage:


Address:7-3 Iwatocho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
Hours:Lunch 11:30am~2:30pm(L.O.2:00pm)
/Dinner 6:30pm~10:00pm(L.O.9:00pm)
/Smoothie(to go)10:00am~9:00pm
Credit cards:VISA、MASTER
Access:1min.walk from A3 exit of Toei Oedo Line"Ushigome-kagurazaka Station"
/6min. walk from exit1 of Tokyo metro Tozai Line"Kagurazaka Station"
Price range:1000~4000 yen
Official Homepage:Restaurant Rejuve


Hours:Lunch 11:30am~2:00pm
/Dinner 5:30pm~10:30pm(L.O.9:30pm)
Holidays:Sunday,national holidays
Access:1min. walk from Exit7 of Tokyo metro Chiyoda Line "Akasaka Station"
Price range:1000~3000 yen
Religious information:Available in five pungent roots.
Official Homepage:KOBACHIYA

Vege cafe Tao

Address:1-33-36 Daikanyama MB 2nd floor,Ebisu nishi,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Holidays:Tuesday,1st and 3rd Monday
Credit card:NA
Language:only Japanese
Access:1min. walk from East Exit of Tokyu dentetsu Daikanyama Station.
Price range:1000~2000 yen
Official Homepage:Vege cafe Tao

Island Veggie

Address:5-3-9 CAS building 1st floor,Hiroo,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Holidays:No fixed holidays
Credit cards:JCB、AMEX
Access:2in.walk from Exit2 of Tokyo metro Hibiya "Hiroo Station"
Price range:1000~2000 yen
Official Homepahge:Island Veggie

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