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How To Fix A Yukata Wearing Out Of Shape

How To Fix A Yukata Wearing Out Of Shape

Translated by Michiyo Nakashima

Written by Misaki Tachibana

2014.08.26 Bookmark

The best way to enjoy the Japanese summer is by wearing a yukata. Learn how you can keep your yukata into shape at all times.

Summer in Japan is hot. It’s hot and humid actually, but summer festivals give this season a special charm. The best way to enjoy a festival is by wearing a yukata - the light summer kimono. Yukata is made of thinner and more comfortable cloth than the kimono and is a lot easier to wear.

However, when you're wearing a yukata, its shape can easily come loose and you might not even notice it. It is important to know how you can fix the shape of your yukata, so that you can prevent having a loose and untidy appearance.

How to Fix Your Yukata Wearing Out of Shape

(1)When the Hem Is Hanging Down


When you are wearing a yukata, you use only some strings to tuck up the skirt and keep its shape. As there are no buttons, if you move too actively, the hem will be hanging down and look untidy. You don’t want to show your legs every time you move forward to walk.


When that happens, you can arrange the length of the hem by pulling evenly the part that is folded under the sash (called "ohashori").  Use the string tighten up around your waist under the ohashori to tuck up the skirt.

(2)When the Collar Is Loose


When you are moving, the collar can easily get loose without you noticing it. Because the left side and the right side of the yukata overlap each other in front, sudden movements of the body can cause them becoming loose.

To fix the collar, pull the left side to the right as in the picture above. Under the left armpit there is a hole (called miyatsuguchi). Insert your left hand through this hole and pull the right side of the collar to the left . You will probably want to do this when people are not around.

(3)When the Ohashori Is Untidy


When the ohashori becomes too short, the length of the skirt gets longer. This cannot be avoided since you have to move.


When the ohashori looks untidy, insert your hands under the sash like in the picture and tuck up the skirt to the left. Make sure to tuck up the skirt to the left because the left side fabric is on top, and it will look bad if you do it to the right side.

(4)When the Sash Is Hanging Down


Nowadays, there are sashes on sale that have an attached knot so that you don’t have to tie it up by yourself. However, even these sashes can become loose. When your sash is hanging down, put a handkerchief under the sash, so that it fills the gap between the sash and your back.

Enjoy Wearing Yukata


Even if you are not familiar with wearing yukata, now you know how to fix it in case it comes loose. If you master this etiquette, you are already a step nearer to "Yamato nadeshiko", the Japanese ideal of womanhood.

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