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6 Unique Souvenirs From Japan For Everyone

6 Unique Souvenirs From Japan For Everyone

Translated by Satomi Ohba

Written by MATCHA

2014.03.20 Bookmark

The best souvenirs are items that represent Japan and that can become a precious keepsake of your trip. We introduce here souvenirs that are both popular among visitors from overseas, and warmly recommended by the locals!

The best souvenirs from your trip to Japan are items that represent the culture of this country and have a specific feel to them that will remind you of your travels. We would like to introduce some souvenirs that are not only popular among visitors from overseas but are also warmly recommended by the locals. We will also mention the places in Tokyo where you can get these items from. If you are ever wondering what to buy in Japan as a souvenir from your trip, check out these items!

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Write Your Secret Message! “ku-ru-ru” - Stylish and Kawaii Memo Pad


From the official website of kamiterior(Japanese)


From the official website: kamiterior (Japanese)

Practical in everyday life and decorated with a wonderful design, the "ku-ru-ru" memo pads are popular items. They are 840 yen each, and feature over 30 different designs such as Mt. Fuji, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Hello Kitty and flower motifs. Many visitors to Japan like to buy them together with an erasable ballpoint pen, the so-called Friction Ball, which is a standard stationery item in Japan.

Petit-Price Onsen Powder - Turn Your Own Bathtub Into An Onsen


As cheap as 100 yen a pack and with a great variety to choose from, onsen powder bags are THE souvenirs that are loved by any generation. The “Chill No More” line introduces bath powder that serves cosmetic purposes as well. This line is extremely popular among Japanese and Asian women who care about their beauty.

”Puchi-pura” means “petit price” in Japanese, and is a daily slang used by Japanese girls to refer to ”a reasonable price”.

Magnets That You'd Be Tempted To Eat!


One of the most famous Japanese souvenirs is the food sample, an item resembling real dishes, renowned for the preciseness of its details. Items that looks identical to real food are very popular among the Japanese, who carry them as amusing phone straps.

For the visitors from abroad who don’t have the habit of carrying cellphone straps, magnets could be a better pick. Sushi shaped figurines are the standard choice, but our personal favorites are the rice bowl and the wagashi (Japanese sweets), which are crafted with an impressive degree of attention to detail.


Prices vary depending on the item. One sushi magnet is 600 yen, while one rice bowl magnet is 1,500 yen. By the way, the maguro (tuna) sushi magnet and ikura (salmon roe) sushi magnet are items that are sold out frequently, so if you’re planning to buy one of those, better check first if they are available!

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