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Super Lovely "My Melody" is Delicious!? “My Melody Cafe” in Shibuya PARCO

Super Lovely

Super Lovely "My Melody" is Delicious!? “My Melody Cafe” in Shibuya PARCO

Translated by HashimotoAkane

Written by HashimotoAkane

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Do you know there is a super kawaii cafe attracting girls in Shibuya PARCO PART1 seventh floor?

Translated by HashimotoAkane

Written by HashimotoAkane

Do you know there is a super kawaii cafe attracting girls in Shibuya PARCO PART1 seventh floor?

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A red riding hood and big pretty rabbit ears. “My Melody Cafe” is the dream place such like a fairy tale. It is located in an informative cafe, “THE GUEST cafe & dinner” which opened “Kiki & Lala Cafe” until July 7. “My Melody Cafe” is the second collaboration cafe to be held here!

The “Kiki & Lala Cafe” was like the world above the fluffy clouds surrounded by pastel pink, with calm sky blue and thousands of sweet stars. Now, “My Melody Cafe” has the theme color of vivid red.

Do You Know Why My Melody’s Hood is Red?

“My Melody” was born in 1975. At first, her character concept was “Little Red Riding Hood” from cute animals. Now, she jumped out from the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood”, and became so active throughout the world. For example, she sometimes metamorphoses into Lolita My Melody wearing pastel colors and becomes fashionable with cherries and flowers.

“My Melody Cafe” put its theme into the first “Little Red Riding Hood My Melody”. Wonderful and enjoyable fairy tale is very near in this cafe. This is the cute table mat like a picture book.

Please look above, there are many tiny yellow butterflies. It's like entering the forest of fantasy... ...

How are the menu like in this fantastic cafe? MATCHA will show you the cute and recommended menus!

You Will Fall in Love with My Melody Soon by One Bite! But the Taste is Quite Good!

The drink and food menu are all related to My Melody! Please enjoy both watching and eating!

■My Melody’s Coconut Red Curry and Rice ~with Lentil Salad~ 1,380 yen (tax excluded)

Such a big and cute My Melody’s face! It’s hard to eat because it’s too cute to bite… …but please put into the mouse. Good smelling spice and elegant taste will spread into your mouse soon.

Yes, because this curry and rice is real Thai curry! If you are greedy, it’s okay, there are both rice and nan. The nan shaped like My Melody’s ears is fluffy and very delicious. You will finish to eat up soon because of the perfect delicious dish.

■Sun Rise Eggs Benedict ~with Vichyssoise~ 1,580 yen (tax excluded)

Smoked bacon and crispy fish fry, you can enjoy eating both of them on one dish plate. This plate is imagined “Marry Land” where My Melody lives. Did you find it? There are cute but delicious butterflies.

The cool vichyssoise expresses summer. You can get the mag cup as a souvenir. Enjoyable menu and kawaii present will make you happy.

■My Melody’s Raspberry Lemonade 980 yen (tax excluded)

This drink has big lovely ears from edge of the grass. The My Melody’s ears are made by cookies.

In the middle of the grass, round slice lemons sink into the calm pink colored soda. It’s so beautiful to see, of course, the taste is perfect. You will love it soon. Refreshed aftertaste remains cool My Melody.

■Flower Blooming Forest’s Popcorn Strawberry Parfaitss980 yen (tax excluded)

Going to the fantastic forest and pick colorful flowers with My Melody... changed into the gorgeous parfait! Strawberry, Raspberry, popcorn, ice cream and almond jelly... is full of desserts which girls love. Can you eat all?

All menu have its original My Melody stories and make you excited. My Melody Cafe has much more other menu and they are all cute.

Excepting the food menu, there are many limited special collaboration goods.

Such a cute roll cake printed My Melody in Little Red Riding Hood!

This cafe will open until the last of August. If you like My Melody or are interested in her, please visit the wonderful kawaii cafe. You will love it soon!

(Photo:Miki Takeshita)


My Melody Cafe

Place:THE GUEST cafe&diner (Shibuya Parco Part1 7f)
Address:Tokyo Shibuya-ku Udagawacho 15-1
Opening Hours:11:00 ~23:00 (Food L.O. 22:00 / Drink L.O. 22:30)
Closed Days:None
Credit Cards:Available
Nearest Station:Shibuya Station
Access:JR Shibuya Station Hachiko exit(ハチ公改札) 5 minutes walk

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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