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Cafe ASAN - Enjoy Pancakes And Free Wi-Fi While Relaxing In A Hammock

Cafe ASAN - Enjoy Pancakes And Free Wi-Fi While Relaxing In A Hammock

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Cafe ASAN in Ueno is truly unique. ASAN stands for "Asian Animation". You can relax in a hammock and enjoy free wi-fi and delicious pancakes. Learn all about it in this article.

Translated by Dan

Written by Shinnosuke Saito

Okachi-machi, Tokyo is the main hub for a project called “2k540,” with a concept of "Manufacturing town." In a part of this project, there’s an interesting cafe.

If you get tired of walking, relax on a hammock

Its name is "Cafe ASAN." ASAN stands for "Asian Animation." It’s located at a place about 10 minutes walk from Akihabara station.The uniqueness of this cafe is that there are hammocks on the wall side seats.


"A space where people can share the greatness of Anime." is the concept for this cafe. It's a attracting cafe where the world and wonderful Japanese culture meets each other.


This is what "2k540" looks like. There are snazzy shops underneath the elevated railway tracks.


Photos of cafe from outside. The window in front of the cafe makes it easier to see what the cafe is like from outside.

Both lunch and supper available


It has a wide variety of menu and they all look nice. Deciding what to order is not so easy.


This time, I ordered a pancake with rum-soaked raisins. Small for 950 yen, and large for 1100 yen. The harmony of whip cream and the pancake was really delicious. But the best part was the custard cream on top of the pancake.

The cafe has free WiFi and power source. Please relax in the modern space!

The interior isn't Anime-ish, but rather keeps a modern stylish atmosphere. It's a calm place and anyone can come easily regardless of their gender.


Of course, it has Manga and documents of Anime!


Free WiFi is prepared and power source is available. It is very thankful that you can borrow chargers as well.


The iPad on the table is free to use.


Cafe ASAN original tea and coffee are available for souvenir.


The only place where you can enjoy cafe with hammock


You can forget about the time passing by and concentrate on reading while on the hammock. In Tokyo, there are not so many cafes where you can relax while sitting on a hammock. If you visit Akihabara, please try it out.


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