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Visiting The Kyoto International Manga Museum

Visiting The Kyoto International Manga Museum

Translated by Michiyo Nakashima

Written by Keishi Kawakami

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The Kyoto International Manga Museum opened in December 2006. This museum, which hosts a collection of over 300,000 manga, is sacred ground for all the fans of Japanese comics.

Do you like manga?

Have you ever been excited or moved by a particular manga?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions, then the Kyoto International Manga Museum is the place for you. They offer many events and you can even see how a manga takes shape at this unique museum. If you are a true manga fan, you'll be able to visit this museum until you drop.

There are so many manga here that you can find almost anything by any author you wish in their collection.

You Can Always Find Your Favorite Manga

The KyotoInternational Manga Museum opened in December 2006 with the aim of this facility being to research manga culture all over the world. This research includes not only Japanese manga but also foreign manga and their culture and history; eventually this lead the museum to amass a collection of over three hundred thousands works.

After entering the museum, you will find a gift shop where you can find limited edition manga and other goods that can't be found anywhere else.

If you cannot read Japanese, they also have translations in French, Spanish, Korean, and other languages here at the Manga Expo.

There are two or three special events held throughout the year at the KyotoInternational Manga Museum. When we went visited there was an exhibition of Seiki Tsuchida’s work.

Here you can get a caricature of yourself at this booth.

It is rare nowadays to see street picture-story show on the actual street, but here in the museum there are daily picture-story shows. After the show I got this cute candy!

You can see how professional manga writers' work at a manga studio.

This phoenix is from Osamu Tezuka’s manga, “Hi no Tori”. This huge statue was made using wooden mosaic or parquetry, while the eyes of the phoenix were made using a Buddhist sculpture style known as gyokugan (玉眼, inlaid pearl eyes).

You can read manga anywhere in the museum.

If it’s sunny outside, you can even lie down on the grass.

This museum was originally used as an elementary school many years ago, but turned into the museum when the school closed. After renovating the old building in 2008, it has become a registered tangible cultural property. Being able to enjoy the manga of your choice in this peaceful and historic atmosphere feels incredibly extravagant.

Here are some historic photos showing different eras of the former school and Japan itself.

What Else is There?

The KyotoInternational Manga Museum has many, many more amazing collections by famous artists and exciting things just waiting for you to discover them. But! There is one very important rule that must be mentioned here: due to copyright restrictions, photography of any sort is forbidden within the museum. One ticket provide free access to the museum all day, so you can go out and have lunch then come back and read or see some more of your favorite works. Wouldn't it be lovely to spend the whole day reading your favorite manga on the grass at the KyotoInternational Manga Museum?

(Photos by: Marina Maeda)


KyotoInternational Manga Museum

Address: Kyoto, Nakagyo, Karasuma-Oike 604-0846
Hours: 10:00-18:00 (last entrance 17:30)
Closed: Every Wednesday, New Years, during maintenance.
Nearest Station: Karasumaoike station (烏丸御池駅), Kyotomunicipal subway or Karasumaoike stop, Kyotobus
Access: 1 minute walk from exit 2 of Karasumaoike station or in front of Karasumaoike bus stop
Credit card: Only in museum shop
Language: Japanese, English, French, Italian and other languages
Entrance fee: Adult 800 yen、middle/high school 300 yen、elementary 100 yen
Group (+20 people) Adult 640 yen、middle/high school 240 yen、elementary 80 yen
Phone Number: 075-254-7414
Homepage: KyotoInternational Manga Museum

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