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Explore Yanaka Sendagi And Taste Homemade Osozai, Local Japanese Dishes

Explore Yanaka Sendagi And Taste Homemade Osozai, Local Japanese Dishes

Translated by Niki Mano

Written by Isao Nakagawa

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In Yanaka Sendagi in eastern Tokyo, visitors can discover local cuisine and get in touch with Japanese daily life. Here, one can taste homemade Japanese dishes (osozai) and explore charming shops lined up in this shopping area. Be sure to stop by.

Eating something delicious and cheap while strolling around an unknown area is part of the thrill of travel, isn't it? If you want to experience this, the Yanaka Sendagi area in Tokyo is the place to go.


Oden is a dish eaten especially in winter and is thought to warm the body. Visitors tasting this for the first time will be able to try ingredients found in traditional Japanese dishes like nerimono (fish paste in a ball shape), or rich dashi soup.


We saw many couples choosing osozai (ready-made side dishes, usually consumed alongside rice) for their dinner. The dishes look delicious but be careful of the amount you take so you don't overeat.


Osozai is also popular with hungry students filling their growling stomachs.


This is miso konnyaku. Miso is fermented soybean paste, and konnyaku is a jelly-like food made from konjac (a type of potato) flour. 2 sticks cost 100 yen. We recommend trying one!


The atmosphere of the traditional Japanese shotengai, or shopping district puts visitors in the mood to shop and eat! The narrowness of the shops creates a comforting closeness between customers and the shopkeepers.


As you take a break with a cup of coffee, feel free to leisurely stroll around town. You can find delicious coffee at Yanaka Coffee Shop, pictured above.

The Yanaka Sendagi area offers a lot of alluring shops selling food and goods that you will want to line up for. Definitely take the time to visit and get a feel for the local community here.


Yanaka Sendagi is located in the areas around the west exist of JR Nippori Station west exit and Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Sendagi Station.

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