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Ecute Shinagawa: A Shopper's Paradise In Shinagawa Station!

Ecute Shinagawa: A Shopper's Paradise In Shinagawa Station!

Translated by Greg

Written by SuzumuraYusei

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In today's article we introduce you to Ecute Shinagawa, a shopping complex inside the JR Shinagawa Station building. Though the station is known as a starting point for sightseeing, it's also a great place for those who like to shop.

JR Shinagawa Station is one of the stops along the shinkansen (bullet train) line. According to statistics at East Japan Railway Company, as many as 335,661 people get on and off here on any given day. This is one of Japan's most important train stations.

In some ways it's a waste to only think of Shinagawa Station as the starting point for business or sightseeing, when using the shinkansen or local train during your daily life.

Inside the station, there's also a commercial facility called Ecute Shinagawa, which is owned and operated by the JR East Japan Group. Without even leaving the station area, you can enjoy shopping for all kinds of items including clothes and fashion, food, and miscellaneous goods, to name just a few.

Amazing! Just Like a Small Town Inside the Station


Now we'll introduce Ecute Shinagawa. As mentioned previously, every day more than three hundred thousand people get on and off at this station, so naturally there are always many people walking about within the building precincts.

For that reason alone, book stores, clothing shops, food and drink establishments, flower shops and many other retailers, all opened here expecting to attract customers, resulting in what could be appropriately called a little town.

If you're a first-timer to Tokyo, coming to a place like Ecute Shinagawa will definitely make you feel the scale and power of a big city.

エキュート 階段

Ecute Shinagawa is a two storey structure. Despite occupying two complete floors, it's not connected to the train line at all, and is simply a self-contained commercial complex all on its own.

Unique and Original Shops Galore

新潟 店

Ecute Shinagawa has many original shops that can't be found outside the station. Take for example, Hatago Isen Nmaya

This local product pop up shop was opened by a ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) located in Niigata prefecture's Uonuma-gun Yuzawa-machi. The shop carried local food products and locally brewed sake in addition to many other items.

Pop up shops like this cannot be found anywhere else, and we've been told that some customers even buy a train ticket and make a special trip all the way here, just to buy some of these hard to find products.

品川駅 本屋

We also found a unique shop called PAPER WALL. They have a special message for their customers as follows:

"This isn't your home, nor is it your workplace (or school), but even so we'd like you the customer, to think of our shop as the number three place you'd like to stop in at".

Keeping in tune with their message, the shop was selling books and miscellaneous goods that arouse your interest.

Also on a regular basis they have special feature displays such as "Scary Stories, and Dreadful and Weird Tales. Mysterious and Strange Summer Novels Fair", and "Books that Take You on a Journey Fair", so you can enjoy them anytime that you drop in.

And There's Still More!

品川駅 ユニクロ

In addition, there are many other kinds of shops. Of course they have Uniqlo-like major clothing stores as well.

品川 路面店

Just like other large train stations, the building corridors are lined with shops selling all kinds of food and beverages, but here the number of shops far outnumber other stations. The shops sell a wide variety of food items, so it might be a challenge choosing between all the tasty looking options!

Shinagawa - A Shopping Town Inside the Station


So how was that? Since JR Shinagawa plays a role as one of Tokyo's major train stations, it's often considered to be a good starting point for sightseeing. But even just window shopping within the station building can be a fun experience.

So the next time you're about to pass through, why not slow down and go for a leisurely stroll and browse through the many interesting shops?


Ecute Shinagawa
Address: Tokyo, Minato, Takanawa 3 chome
Hours : 8:00-22:00
Closed: Open every day of the year
Wi-Fi Access: Not available
Credit cards: Accepted
Other Languages: Differs from shop to shop
Information in Other languages: Depends on the shop
Nearest Station: JR Shinagawa Station
Access: Right beside JR Shinagawa Station
Phone: 03-3444-8910
Website: Ecute Shinagawa (Japanese)

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