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Tokyo Macrobiotic: CHAYA Macrobiotic in Shiodome (汐留)

Tokyo Macrobiotic: CHAYA Macrobiotic in Shiodome (汐留)

Translated by Shoko Naito

Written by 森山 あみか

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As its name shows, they basically serve macrobiotic food. They use no meats, eggs, dairy products, white sugar or chemical condiments, and basically use brown rice. Soy milk and beet sugar are served with coffee or tea.

This is an office of Nippon Television (日本テレビ) which is located right in front of the ticket gate for Yurikamome (ゆりかもめ) near Siodome station (汐留駅).


There are an open space, stores related to TV programs of Nippon Television, a udon restaurant or a crepe shop. It looks like it is the first floor, but actually it is the first basement.


Take an elevator at Toyal Park Hotel next to the office to the first floor.  Go through the elevator hall, and you can find CHAYA Macrobiotics on the left hand.

One of the Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in Shiodome


As its name shows, they basically serve macrobiotic food. They use no meats, eggs, dairy products, white sugar or chemical condiments, and basically use brown rice. Soy milk and beet sugar are served with coffee or tea.

They also serve whitefish, so non-vegetarians (non-vegans) enjoy meals as well. They use ingredients such as organic vegetables which are good for health.  Though five pungent roots are not removed,  it is one of the best restaurants for vegetarians around Shiodome.


There are 72 counter and tables seats in total which all are non smoking. The restauran is glass-covered, so it is bright and open space. Because I visited the restaurant around 3 pm, I was able to have lunch in a relaxed atmosphere.

Many Dishes, Leisurely Atmosphere


Set meals for lunch are bowl set meals of vegetable taco filling and rice, seasonal vegetables curry plate, bibimbap meal (Korean rice dish) or fried egg plant with Chinese chili sauce (麻婆茄子), salad and delicatessen plate, and fish and brown rice plate.

There are other dishes than those; they also have preprandial drink and 6 kinds of delicatessen, "balance plate" which are brown rice and soup, and set course menu "healthy and beauty course".


This is one of the set meals for lunch "fish & delicatessen plate". You can ask them to change fish to daily main dish such as tofu hamburger. There are salad with french dressing, ratatouille, bean salad, lightly-pickled radish and tofu hamburg on a plate.


Tofu humburg has a lot of grains and vegetables in it, and the demi-glace source has rich taste. Brown rice is soft, so it is easy to eat. The soup is ratatouille with a lot of vegetables in it.

You should check desserts as well. This is a seasonal big parfait "summer kids special" which may be good for a parent and child to share.


One of the most tasty and substantial sweets I have ever had. Lunch time at "CHAYA Macrobiotics" is until 5 pm, so it is a good place for you to have late lunch when you spend too much time on looking around Shiodome. Moreover, it is a precious restaurant because it is a place that you can enjoy health food.

Don't Forget Souvenir


Each cake is tasty, healthy and low calorie. They have various kinds depending on a season and you can take them away, so they may be good for souvenir.


They also sell healthy ingredients, so it is also a good place for shopping. They sell granola, drink named "rice & soy", caffeine-free roasted grain beverage, cookies, pound cake and so on.

It is famous as a microbiotic treatment that you drink "umesho-bancha (梅醤番茶)" (pickled plum and ginger mixed with coarse tea) when you drink too much alcohol or eat too much food. You can buy "umesho-bancha paste" that you can make baisho-bancha by mixing with boiled water.

You may also enjoy alcohol with healthy snacks at night in the nice atmosphere. Whenever you feel a lack of vegetables, this restaurant is always highly recommended.



Address: 1F ROYAL PARK PLAZA HOTEL SHIODOME, 1-6-3, Higashi shimbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo
Time: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm (last order 8:30 pm)lunch, sundays
Open: Open everyday
Wi-Fi: Not available
Credit card: Available (JCB, AMEX)
Language: Japanese
Station: 5 minute walk through underground passage from Shiodome-guchi (汐留口) of JR Shiodome station (汐留駅) / 8 minute walk through underground passage from Tokyo Metro Ginza line (地下鉄銀座線) Shimbashi station (新橋駅) / 1 minute walk from Toei Oedo line (都営地下鉄大江戸線) or Yurikamome (ゆりかもめ) Shiodome station (汐留駅)

Access: 152 meters from Shiodome station (汐留駅)
Price: 1280 yen~
Tel: 03-3573-3616


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