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The base of Washoku!Taste the Golden Dashi at

The base of Washoku!Taste the Golden Dashi at "Nihonbashi Dashi Bar"

Tokyo 2014.09.18 Bookmark

Translated by Saya Terai

Written by Mai Kawabe

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Officially added to the UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage, Washoku is receiving a lot of attention from the world recently. The base for the flavoring is the "dashi". The essential seasoning dashi is a broth that contains umami and nutriments extracted from food ingredients. Especially konbu, dried bonito,and niboshi are often used in washoku. Ones with a rich scent and a beautiful shine are called the "Golden Dashi". Here, we would like to introduce Nihonbashi Dashi Bar, where you can actually taste the Golden Dashi.

The base of Washoku!Japanese Broth

Dashi can be used in nimono, miso soup, seasoned rice, oyako-don, oden..and so on. Whether dashi is used or not makes a great difference in the richness of the aftertaste. Taking that small step determines the flavor, and the more fine the dashi is, it is easier to bring out the umami of the ingredients without adding excessive salt.

Toast with the Dashi champagne

At the Dashi Bar, you can enjoy some dashi-based champagne made out of fresh dried bonito.

Inside is just like a standing bar counter.

「Wet Okaki+Dashi(Dried Bonito)」 Set Price:200yen

Cheers with the dashi and some wet okaki on the side.

「Dried Bonito Dashi Cream Soup」 Set Price:150yen

Here are some western cream soup with a dried bonito dashi base. A western dish, with a wa-flavor from the dashi.

Try Shaving Dried Bonitos

At the dashi bar, you can also try shaving the dried bonito into flakes. Dried bonito is one of the essential ingredients of washoku. It is a traditional fermented food just like other seasonings like miso and soy sauce. It takes about half an year to be made, and the umami ingredient of the bonito slowly matures meanwhile.

When making the dashi at home, usually 30~40 grams of dried bonito flakes are used for 1L of water.Throw in the flakes in boiled water then stop the heat immediately, and once the flakes sink to the bottom you drain it and it's done.

These are the dried bonitos before shaved into flakes.

When shaving by hand, you use this shaving tool. Have some help from the staffs.

You can taste the fresh bonito flakes right here.

The Bonito flakes Japanese people often see at supermarkets are ones already shaved and packed in bags. When you actually try shaving, you get a sense of all the hard work back in the old times. It made me think how particular Japanese people were about bringing out the best flavors out of the ingredients, even if it would take extra trouble.

As a closing

At Dashi Bar,various types of dashi are sold. If you are willing to make some proper washoku at home, try buying some dashi from this store! Also, at the Hanare of Nihonbashi Dashi Bar in COREDO Muromachi 2, you can enjoy actual meals made from the dashi of the store.



Address:2-2-1 Muromachi Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo
Access:Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line"Mitsukoshimae Station"(三越前駅) Exit A6/ JR Sobu Line"Shin-Nihonbashi Station"(新日本橋駅)
Open:10:00〜20:00(Lunch 11:00〜14:00 Dashi・Drinks 10:00~19:00)


Address:2-3-1 Muromachi Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo COREDO MUROMACHI2 1F
Access:Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line"Mitsukoshimae Station"(三越前駅) Exit A6/ JR Sobu Line"Shin-Nihonbashi Station"(新日本橋駅)
Open:11:00~23:00 (Lunch11:00〜14:00 Last Order 22:00)

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