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Take A Stroll And Snack In Osaka's Senbayashi Shopping Street!

Take A Stroll And Snack In Osaka's Senbayashi Shopping Street!

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Atsuko Yagura

Osaka 2017.07.11 Bookmark

Many people buy snacks at the convenience stores nowadays, but the snacks from local shopping districts will bring you a different kind of delight. Today's goal is to make the best use of our coins and find some delicious snacks at Senbayashi!

Did you ever feel such an enormous sense of hunger as a child that you just had to rush into your neighborhood shop and buy something to snack on? I remember my school days when I used to buy takosen, a shrimp-senbei sandwiched takoyaki snack every day at the takoyaki shop nearby.


Sure, nowadays many people buy various snacks at the convenience stores, but everyone should know the special kind of joy of walking down a shopping street with delicious snacks in your hands. Today I will show you the way to the Senbayashi Shopping Street, so grab those coins, we are going tasty-snack-hunting!

So, What Is Senbayashi Shotengai?


The Senbayashi area has always had an important role as a part of the traffic route connecting Kyoto and Osaka. It is an impressive 660-meter long shotengai with 220 stores; big enough to be considered one of the largest shopping districts, if not the largest, in all of Osaka. There you will find plenty of shops with everyday necessities and food supplies, and meet the local people whose everyday routine is to visit and shop at this lively district, welcomed loudly by the energetic aunties managing the stores. One could say this is the liveliest shopping district in Japan, and that wouldn’t be an exaggeration at all.

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