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How to print out photos in stores -Make your special moments into a gift!-

How to print out photos in stores -Make your special moments into a gift!-

Translated by Saya Terai

Written by Takuro Komatsuzaki

Tokyo 2014.10.07 Bookmark

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Have you ever thought of giving back your memories from a trip to your friends and people you met while you were traveling? If so, how about printing them out on the spot during your travel?

Photo studio "photo kanon" in Togoshi-Ginza is kind enough to teach us how to order photo prints.

What you need

  •  SD Card with pictures saved(including CF)
  •  Smartphone

Steps to Take

1:Press upper right to change the language into English


Press the "Language" button upper right of the screen to change the system into English version.

2:Plug in the storage device

DSCF2236 (2)

Start with plugging in any data storage device you have. If you have SD card or USB, press the upper left button.

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You can also connect iPhones and android smartphones.

3:Start Transfering

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Once you plugged in the device, start transferring the data inside.

4:Transfer by date

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You can select the data you want to transfer in the three ways below;

  • By date
  • By Folder
  • All

If you have a lot of data saved inside the device, transferring everything will take too much time. Transferring by date is highly recommended.

DSCF2247 (12)

When you select by date, pictures will appear by date on the screen.Put a check mark on the date you want to print, and press the OK button on the upper right.

5:Select the Picture

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Start selecting the pictures you want to print by touching the screen. Once you press it, change the number of sheets you want by changing the "+" and "-" button. When you have decided the picture and the number of sheets you want, press the OK button.

6:Select the Size

DSCF2247 (1)

Choose the postcard size, L size, or the 2L size if you are making it a gift for friends and family.

7:Choose to print the date on the picture

DSCF2236 (4)

If you choose to print the date the picture was taken, it will be printed on the lower right of the sheets.


DSCF2236 (6)

Press "Order" to confirm.

9:Receive the receipt and bring it to the counter

DSCF2247 (6)

Once you go through the whole procedure, an order receipt will come out of the other machine on the right side of the order machine.

DSCF2247 (5)

Bring this to the counter.

DSCF2247 (7)

Do not Forget!

You need to make sure of two things when ordering.

Plug out your Device

DSCF2236 (5)

The machine will remind you not to forget the memory devices, but it's safe to double check before you leave the store.

When you made a mistake

DSCF2236 (7)

When you selected a wrong button, there are two ways to fix it.

  • Press "Back""Cancel Order"on the lower left
  • Ask staff for help

During the procedure, there will be always an " Back" " Cancel Order" button on the lower left of the screen, so whenever you make a mistake, just press these buttons. If you are still confused, don't be afraid to ask staff for help.

Once you make your Order

Usually it takes 10 min per 30 sheets to print out the digital data, depending on the number of reservations that day. It may be nice to think of how to display the pictures, or who you would like to give them to, while you are waiting for them to be printed. The colorful decorating goods inside the store will make you more excited!

DSCF2236 (8)

Maybe you can make an unique album by sticking these colorful masking tapes.

DSCF2247 (3)

There are various stickers available to make your album more cute and original.

DSCF2247 (4)

Many sample albums like this are displayed in the store to show examples of how to make use of the decorating goods, so you can get a lot of inspirations for your own album.

How about making your printed pictures extra special than usual?


"photo kanon" Togoshi Ginza Store

Address:2-1-3 Togoshi Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
Open:weekdays 9:30-20:00,
weekends/holidays 10:00-20:00
Wi-Fi Access:None
Credit Card:Available
Languages:Printing Machines are available in English
Access:Toei Asakusa Line Togoshi Station(戸越駅) 4 min walk from exit A2
Tokyu-Ikegami Line Togoshi Ginza Station(戸越銀座) 7 min walk from Exit 1
Set Price:Digital Camera・35m Film Print KGsize 38yen per sheet
35m Film Develop 580yen per film
Official Web:

※Only available in stores with the Digital Mini Labo Frontia Series(Print Ordering Machine)

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