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  • First prize "47seconds" video of 2013 WIRED Award at Shibuya Crossing

First prize "47seconds" video of 2013 WIRED Award at Shibuya Crossing

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Translated by Shinnosuke Saito

Written by Shinnosuke Saito

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Shibuya Crossing represents Japan

Shibuya Scrambled Crossing― You might have heard of that and I’m of particular interest in it.


You always can see the crossing not only on Japanese TV programs but also on some foreign news shows as a representative of Japan. It seems that ‘SHIBUYA’ is a dream town for tourists and they are absorbed in panorama photo-shooting or movie taking every day.

Then, why Shibuya fascinates them so seriously?

As for me, what makes me absorb in Shibuya is not its fashion and trend. That is more philosophical and difficult to appreciate. It might be kind of ‘chaos’ which means people gather around the crossing without any distinction of age, sex, nationality and job; these background differences create the chaos. In addition, people who you don’t know are coming from every direction and they actually compose Shibuya as actors and actresses so I could even call the crossing a ‘Stage’.

For daily users, the Shibuya Crossing is just an ordinary crossing. However, once you consider of it objectively, you would be confused.

That is why you can never miss the Shibuya Crossing when you visit Tokyo!


Thoughts in 47 seconds

Now, I will introduce a video to you.

The title is ’47seconds’ made by Tomokazu Yamada, who is the first prize filmmaker of  WIRED Creative Hack Award 2013(WIRED is a web magazine providing ideas and innovation).

Anyway, please watch it first. Only 1m07s.

What do you think? I think what he wants to describe in this video is that we have equivalent time and we can go both ways; use it to achieve our vision efficiently like the girl or waste it.


At the same time, it shows what a ‘chaos town’ Shibuya is. The video goes with the sound of violin and nobody cares the girl who in dancing on the center of the crossing. Eventually, I concluded that she is a representative who plays a role to create the stage called Shibuya crossing.


People surely celebrates crazily there when world events such as world cup are held because there is some huge monitors on the buildings. As I asserted, there is an unknown aspect.

Now, it’s time to cross the crossing! Remember, when you cross there, you will be an actor or actress to create Shibuya and you will realize that Shibuya is amazingly fascinating town.

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