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Just Like Mom's - Onden, Harajuku's Classic Curry Restaurant

Just Like Mom's - Onden, Harajuku's Classic Curry Restaurant

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Yu Aoki

Tokyo 2017.04.08 Bookmark

After spending the day sightseeing and shopping in Harajuku, you might find yourself wondering where to eat. If you want to try some Japanese home cooking, head over to Onden, near Laforet Harajuku. This classic Japanese curry shop is sure to please!

The fashionable and trendy town, Harajuku. With so many different restaurants to choose from, you might find yourself at a loss when trying to decide where to eat. Moreso if you are traveling here from abroad, as shops can be quite crowded and you may also worry about the prices being high. In fact, Harajuku doesn't really have the image of being a place where you can enjoy a leisurely meal at all.

At times like this, there is a spot only a three minute walk away from Laforet: Onden Curry Restaurant. Opened in 1960, this longstanding shop serves up delicious Japanese curry with a homemade taste to it, and prices that are exceptionally reasonable.

"I want to eat in Harajuku, but not at a chain restaurant", "I need to save money" - If this sounds like you or if you are just looking for restaurants with amazing curry, then this is the ideal place to visit.

A Landmark Curry Shop With Many Fans

New customers might feel a bit hesitant to enter when seeing the heavy atmosphere of these doors for the first time, but don't give up. Head inside!

There are only about 20 seats here, making it a comfortably snug little restaurant. There are many regular customers that come here almost daily.

The curry menu. Today I decided to order the croquette curry.

You can also just order coffee here too. With prices lower than those of chain coffee shops, this is a great place to visit when you've worn yourself out from walking about Harajuku and want to take a break.

And here it is: Onden's croquette curry (750 yen).

This curry is very flavorful; the spices are thoroughly matured and blended in this dish. It really does taste like a curry that has been lovingly and carefully cooked for hours at home. If you are looking for a filling and satisfying meal, this is it. And the croquette on top of the curry is amazing too! You're sure to want to come back again to enjoy their other dishes too.

Onden is a well-loved restaurant conveniently located on a side street in Harajuku. Although you might think it is a very serious restaurant from first glance, please put these thoughts aside and head in. You're sure to be happy you did when you realize just how great the food is, and how charming a restaurant it is too. If you are lucky, you won't need to line up to visit here on weekends, so if you're sightseeing about in Harajuku, please stop by and savor some delicious curries with a homemade taste.


Harajuku Onden
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 4-29-9
Hours: 12:00-20:00
Closed: Irregular
Wi-fi: -
Credit Cards: Ok
Other Languages: Japanese
Nearest Station: Meiji-Jinguemae Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line)
Access: 3-minute walk from Exit 5 of Meiji-Jinguemae Station
Phone Number: 03-3401-8417

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