Japan's First Open-Air Movie Festival

Japan's First Open-Air Movie Festival "Outdoor Film Festival 2014" Meet your new favorite!

Saitama 2014.09.29

Translated by Niki Mano

Written by Ito Kentaro

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On October 4th 2014 in Nagatoro town of Saitama prefecture, Japan's very first open-air movie festival "Outdoor Film Festival 2014" will be held. I'm sure that you will be attracted by this new way of watching movies!


What is an open-air movie festival?

夜空と交差する森の映画祭 2014

"Open-air movie festival" is, as you see from the name, a movie festival held outside. The whole camping place of "Auto Camp Ground FOREST SONS NAGATORO" will be used for this festival and there will be 5 stages. Once you enter there, you can visit all stages freely. Each of these stages will be decorated in different ways to entertain visitors. It will be fun to choose which stage you visit after enjoying one. It is so called the movie version of open-air concert.

Feel like being the main character of a movie

Have you ever felt empty after watching a movie at a movie theater?
Empty like you just came out from a tunnel.
Have you ever felt lonely by realizing that the world you've just lived exists only in the story?

夜空と交差する森の映画祭 2014

At "Outdoor Film festival 2014", you will be able to feel like you're still in the world of the story even after the tunnel.
After watching a movie, you'll find yourself surrounded by a place you've just seen in the movie. Forests, floating river, another screen with shining stars spreading over your head. You'll feel like even the movie ends, the story continues.
This festival will make you feel like you are a part of the movie.
You can't experience this at usual movie theaters.

"Experience" is the key.

At this open-air movie festival, you can experience what you can't at any other movie theater: the sounds of leaves swinging, smell of ground, hardness of rocks, coldness of night etc. Feel with your body.
Mr.Sato, the representative of this movie festival, said

The moment, which makes us recognize the present or which we remember, can't be copied like electric data. I think it is important to "see with eyes and feel by body".


If you want to enjoy just watching a movie, you should go to a movie theater. It is to enjoy the "experience" that the reason we watch movies at an open-air place.

Don't forget to bring something to protect you from the cold. The temperature can be 15℃〜18℃ during the night at the camp ground.

Enjoy movies which you wouldn't have imagined

夜空と交差する森の映画祭 2014

The rock stage: This area will be a stage designed after a prison on the day.

You maybe sometimes won't be able to enter the stage you want because the area is full.
In a such case, let's visit other area and meet movies you wouldn't have met if you didn't come to this festival. This is the main pleasure of this open-air movie festival.

Why don't you come and meet your new favorite?


Outdoor Film Festival 2014

Date:Saturday, October 4th, 2014
Address:363 Nogami, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitamaken 369-1304,JAPAN
Station:Chichibu rail way Nogami station
Access: [Way1] 1.80 minutes train ride from Ikebukuro station to Seibu Chichibu station by Seibu rail way Limited express Red Arrow. 2.From Seibu chichibu station, walk 8 minutes to Ohanabatake station of Chichibu rail way. 3.Take train for 20 minutes to Nogami station. 4.Walk 15 minutes from the station to the place.
[Way2] 1. 70 minutes train ride from Ikebukuro station of Shonan-Shinjuku line to Kumagaya station. 2. Change train at Kumagaya station and ride for 45 minutes to Nogami station of Chichibu rail line. 3.Walk 15 mnutes from the station to the place.
Official Website: http://forest-movie-festival.jp/home

夜空と交差する森の映画祭 2014


*Tickets are already sold out. There will be no additional selling. You can't buy any tickets on the day.

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