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Gallery Life Accent - Design The Room Of Your Dreams! Discount For MATCHA Readers

Gallery Life Accent - Design The Room Of Your Dreams! Discount For MATCHA Readers

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Gallery Life Accent is a shop lined with art pieces that you often see in Japanese movies. Let us introduce their top items and give you information on how to reach their Aoyama and Ginza stores. There's also a 10% off coupon for MATCHA readers only!

Translated by Greg

Written by MATCHA-PR

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Live in a Room That Looks Like One from a Movie

Imagine a sophisticated and unique room that looks like it came out of a movie. There are probably many who wish that their own personal living quarters looked like that.

Well, in Tokyo there's an interior shop called Gallery Life Accent , that can make your dream come true!

This is a place lined with stylish and unique items that have been selected from around the world.

Gallery Life Accent Will Make Your Dreams a Reality!

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

Gallery Life Accent, which has locations in both Ginza and Aoyama, handles photo art that can instantly liven up your living room, and art objects that will add color to your home's entrance area.

It's a common belief that making a room look more stylish is a difficult task, but by simply just placing one of the items from Gallery Life Accent in your room, you can soon add a touch of sophistication. At this shop, you'll definitely be able to find an art piece that will make your ideal room a reality.

For those international visitors who buy something at Gallery Life Accent, your purchase can be delivered to your home address, so there's no need to worry about having additional baggage during your time in Japan.

Right now for MATCHA readers only, there is a special 10% discount available on Gallery Life Accent items. When paying for your purchase on the shop premises, please take advantage of this offer by using the coupon found at the end of this article.

Gallery Life Accent - Recommended Items

Let's make a closer inspection of those interesting looking items at Gallery Life Accent.

1. COBRA ART - Their Photo Art Will Make Your Room Look Stylish!

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

Among all the products at Gallery Life Accent, the most popular is photo art from COBRA ART, an art maker in Holland.

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

COBRA ART uses pictures taken by famous European and American photographers active in the art world, whose works often appear in magazines such as VOGUE and GQ.

The photographs are turned into high quality plexiglass reproductions, so all works are vivid and colorful and appeal to the heart.

If placed on a white interior background, photographs like the three pieces shown above, will leave a strikingly stylish impression in any room.

A Limited Number Only! The Must See Masterpiece Collection

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

Gallery Life Accent handles COBRA ART's rare masterpiece collection, and some pieces are limited in number from just one copy up to only fifteen copies worldwide.

Knowing that only a few people in the world own the same piece of art, this is ideal for people who'd like to create their own personal and unique space.

2. Cute Art Objects by Jimmy Martin, Inspired by Rock and Roll

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

Next in popularity to photo art is London based artist Jimmy Martin's one-of-a-kind art objects.

His angel-themed series are not only cute but also leave you with a rock and roll kind of impression. Each one is painstakingly handmade, so the flavor and color differ from piece to piece.

How about visiting the shop and looking for your own perfect angel?

3. Bull and Stein's Colorful Apples

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

We recommend these colorful apples, made by German Ceramic company Bull and Stein, for times when you'd like to add a modern touch to your entrance or study room.

These art objects have a playful spirit about them, and will completely change the atmosphere of a room.

4. Other Unique Art Pieces

The shop shelves are lined with many other unique items, including eye-catching metallic piggy banks, that are animal shaped and come in various colors.

While in the store, be sure to check these out.

Access to Gallery Life Accent - Aoyama and Ginza Stores

Next we'll let you know how to get to Gallery Life Accent - Aoyama and Gallery Life Accent - Ginza.

Access to Gallery Life Accent - Aoyama

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

The closest station to Gallery Life Accent - Aoyama is Tokyo Metro's Omotesando Station. Take the B3 exit and walk south-east for about five minutes and you'll soon get there.

Try to find something that you like at Gallery Life Accent - Aoyama, a shop lined with cosmopolitan, urban-style photo art and art objects.

Access to Gallery Life Accent - Ginza

LifeAccentさん(@lifeaccent)がシェアした投稿 -

To get to Gallery Life Accent - Ginza, take the B4 exit of Tokyo Metro's Ginza Station, then walk for about one minute and you'll soon arrive there.

At the Ginza store, they also have more classical type art pieces as well. When you'd like to give your room a chic and fashionable upgrade, go and see what they have at the Ginza location.

For MATCHA Readers Only!
Get 10% Off With This Discount Coupon!

Now, for MATCHA readers only, we're currently offering a 10% discount off shop merchandise!

Please show the above coupon at the time of purchase, and get Gallery Life Accent goods at a bargain price.

Certain items are sometimes limited in number, so if you see something you like, make sure you don't miss your chance to buy it!

For Gallery Life Accent Official Homepage, please click here (Japanese).

*This tax exemption and discount service only apply to visitors to Japan. Please note that Japanese citizens and non-Japanese residents cannot apply for this service.


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