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Try Vegan Veggie Ramen At Soranoiro In Kojimachi!

Try Vegan Veggie Ramen At Soranoiro In Kojimachi!

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Are you a hungry vegan or vegetarian looking for delicious and filling ramen in Tokyo? Head to Kojimachi and have a meal at Soranoiro where you can find flavorful and nutritious plant-based ramen.

Translated by YukimiMizuno

Written by 神谷和紀

The world of ramen has grown exponentially in the past few years and now we are living in an age with thousands of choices when it comes to this soup and noodle dish. Today let's take a look at a popular shop selling vegan ramen where all the ingredients - from soup to noodles to toppings are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. This shop is located in Kojimachi.

Soranoiro - Kojimachi

The restaurant called Sora no Iro is located a few minutes walk from Kōjimachi station.

vege-soba (2)

Opened in 2011, Sora no Iro has been popular because of its light Chinese-style noodles, original ramen, and limited menus.

The most unique item available here is the vegan veggie ramen, which has a description provided for it on the table.


According to the description, it does not use meat or fish at all. "Feel free to let us know if you have a specific preference for the ingredients" said one of staff. It is really nice of them to be so flexible for their customers, isn't it?

Looks like a Salad!?

vege-soba (4)

At first glance, you might think that this is a salad but it's actually the vegan veggie ramen (1,200 yen including tax). With plenty of vegetable toppings, you're sure to feel healthier after eating this colorful dish.

The soup tastes very gentle as it is made from vegetables. It might feel something is missing for those who prefer a richer or oilier taste, but it's actually really flavorful as it is.

vege-soba (6)

You can choose two types of noodle from the menu, such as these rice noodles. They differ in texture from standard rāmen noodles but you can really taste the gentle sweetness of the rice in them.

vege-soba (5)

This noodle is made from flour that has been mixed with bell peppers; giving it a slightly different taste.

It's a matter of taste as to whether you like the rice noodles or noodles mixed with bell pepper, but trying both is a great idea; why not bring your friends along and order both?

vege-soba (1)

You can add Yuzu kosho (yuzu citrus zest with crushed chilies) or mashed potato with mustard if you still feel something is missing in the soup. By mixing with them, the soup will become richer.

Not only for Vegans

You can enjoy Soranoiro's various types of rāmen even if you aren't a vegan or vegetarian yourself. They also serve regular vegetable ramen as well.

vege-soba (3)

The standard vegetable ramen does contain animal/fish ingredients, so please keep that in mind before ordering it.

Whether you are a vegan or not, this dish will change your perspective on ramen - although it's considered an unhealthy dish by many, this kind of ramen is incredibly healthy.

Colorful and Flavorful Vegetable and Vegetarian, Vegan Ramen at Soranoiro

If you know someone who wants to try something new, who is vegan or vegetarian or who simply wants to enjoy delicious rāmen, Sora no Iro is the best place to go. Their varied menu can satisfy everyone's tastes.

Not only do they serve great ramen, but they also organize events with other restaurants and businesses, so please check their website, blog, and SNS if you are interested.


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