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6 Must Try Snacks From Gyomu Super - Popular Treats At A Bargain!

6 Must Try Snacks From Gyomu Super - Popular Treats At A Bargain!

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Written by Miho Moriya

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Gyomu Super had more than 800 stores throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. You can buy items in bulk that make perfect souvenirs and also stop in for a tasty snack during your trip. We introduce the Ueno-Hirokoji store.

Gyomu Super - A Convenient and Friendly Supermarket


Pictured above are potato chips (one bag for 84 yen with tax)

If your travels are coming to an end, you may begin to wonder where you should buy souvenirs to bring back home. If you're going through all the trouble of buying something, you probably will want something of good quality but also at a reasonable price.

If this sounds like you, we recommend heading to Gyomu Super, a supermarket that plays an important role in the daily life of many people in Japan.

This is a popular grocery store with more than eight hundred locations throughout Japan.

The reasons for Gyomu Super's popularity are cheap prices and the volume of the purchasable merchandise here. Items sold at other groceries are also available at Gyomu Super at lower prices, and many products here are sold in large volume.

Today we'll introduce products that can be purchased in bulk as souvenirs, and also tasty snacks that you can buy while sightseeing in Japan.

*The store merchandise, prices, business hours, usability of credit cards depends on the shop location and time of the day.

Large sized Snacks at Cheap Prices!

1. Country Ma'am (Vanilla and Cocoa Flavor)


Country Ma'am, popular chocolate chip cookies in Japan, come in a box of ten in vanilla and cocoa flavor (213 yen with tax). This has been the product's most popular and longest selling flavor. Each cookie is individually wrapped.

These cookies are delicious eaten just as they are, but can also be heated in the microwave or in the oven. If you chill them the texture will also change, so definitely feel free to experiment. Heat five cookies at a time for 20 seconds in the microwave, or warm them up in the oven for up to sixty seconds.

2. Pocky Chocolate


Pocky Chocolate, born in 1966, has been loved by legions of Japanese fans ever since. The reason the entire biscuit stick isn't covered in chocolate is so that your hands don't get dirty when you hold it. This is a snack that is close to the hearts of those who eat it.

November 11th is designated as Pocky Day in Japan. It's a day to celebrate this popular treat. The 11th day of the 11th month was chosen because the numeral "1" resembles a pocky stick.

Be sure to purchase this pocky in bulk and send it to your friends on a day ending in a "1".

Original Products from Gyomu Super

3. Rich Cheesecake


The rich cheesecake at Gyomu Super is produced at a tofu factory and comes in a tofu-like package. They are sold frozen, but are ready to enjoy after leaving them out for about thirty minutes at room temperature.

After thawing for about fifteen minutes, the cheesecake can also be neatly cut into pieces with a heated knife.

The price works out to roughly 300 yen per 500 grams. The rich flavor of the cheesecake is addictively delicious!

4. Bite-Sized Mochi Series - Miniature Daifuku


The bite-sized mochi in this series are all sold in one kilogram packages. Be sure to let them thaw at room temperature before you indulge.

The mochi come in four varieties. First is the simple shirotama dango (rice ball dumplings, 297 yen with tax), which is often found in anmitsu desserts. The next three are local favorites in the Sendai area: zunda mochi (321 yen with tax), mini daifuku (297 yen with tax) containing koshi anko, and Date gomadare mochi (321 yen with tax), a delicious combination of matcha green tea and ice cream.

Since the mochi come in kilogram packages, you can eat as little or as much as you'd like.

Even if it's not completely thawed, the mochi still tastes delicious slightly chilled. If you let it defrost at room temperature out it takes about two hours. Defrosting via microwave only requires around ten seconds.

5. Buy Boxed Ice Cream Treats (Azuki Bars and Other Frozen Ice Cream)


There are a variety of treats from classics such as chocolate and vanilla ice cream to azuki bars, uji kintoki bars, and other unique Japanese desserts. If you buy them by the box, each will contain around five to six bars and will cost around 200 yen.

Azuki bars are also sold at convenience stores and other shops, and are priced at about 100 yen individually.

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6. Halal Certified Sweets are Imported Here Directly


Also lining the shop shelves are halal certified snacks like banana chips, cookies, and marshmallows. Gyomu Super selects items that are popular in Japan, so international shoppers will be interested to see what kind of products are available.

At only 100 yen per 100 grams, marshmallows are in the same price range as most other snack foods. Almost all halal certified foods are labeled accordingly (see picture above), so they'll be easy to spot amongst the other merchandise.

Take Some Sweets Home along with Your Travel Memories!


In addition to snacks and sweets, the shop also carries cooking seasonings and condiments such as miso and shoyu, cup noodles, pre-packaged meals, and alcohol.

Easily recognizable with its large, green sign, by be sure to drop by Gyomu Super during your next shopping excursion!

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