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TeNQ Space Museum - Have Fun Exploring Space At Tokyo Dome City!

TeNQ Space Museum - Have Fun Exploring Space At Tokyo Dome City!

Written by Zoria April

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Space-related exhibitions have never been so exciting! At TeNQ Space Museum in Tokyo, you can enjoy fun, interactive displays themed around space exploration. Their 4K videos showing images from outer space are breathtaking!

TeNQ Space Museum - Explore the Outer Space in Tokyo Dome City!

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

TeN stands for "sky", "exhibit", "point", while Q stands for "quest", "question", "curiosity". These are the deep meanings hidden in the name of TeNQ Space Museum, which is located within Tokyo Dome City.

TeNQ is a space-themed entertainment museum, offering exhibitions, interactive displays and space-related games through which learning is more enjoyable than ever before. This facility is best known for its impressive Theater Sora, a round, wide theater that allows visitors to "look into" breathtaking space videos!

TeNQ satisfies the curiosity of children and adults alike, bringing the outer space closer to you. Let us introduce to you the highlights of this facility.

Explore Space through TeNQ's Amazing Exhibitions!

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

TeNQ is a museum dedicated to space exploration, but it all starts from the room of a person who is fascinated by the outer space. This is the symbolism of the lobby in front of the entrance.

This area is lined with shelves full of items that spark one's curiosity, inspiring them to explore further. The whimsical lights resemble UFOs, evoking alien scenes in beloved children's cartoons.

Once passed the entrance, the visitors will walk through a dark winding hallway called Tunnel Zero, which marks the beginning of their space travel.

The Starting Room - Insights into the History of Space Exploration

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

The first area the visitors are invited to see is the Starting Room. Here you'll be able to watch a video which combines projection mapping and music to convey the power of the dream that lead mankind to explore the outer space.

You'll be enveloped in images that show the technological progress that made space exploration possible.

Theater Sora - A Breathtaking 4K Space Video!

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

Theater Sora is a round theater, 11 meters in diameter, where visitors can enjoy an immersive experience watching 4K videos of the outer space. You'll be surrounding the screen and "looking into" space!

As you plunge through Saturn's rings or watch Pluto's heart-shaped surface from close, you'll feel as if you were really in space! The content of each video differs but each one of them is so powerful and breathtaking that it will speak for itself. Flying through space and peeking through the lens of artificial satellites on their mission to explore the secrets of the universe is the real treat.

Discover the Latest Space Science at the Research Center

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

After soaring through outer space at Theater Sora, it's time to come back down to Earth and see actual research data related to space science.

The Science Area includes the Research Center where visitors can see real researchers at work. They bring the latest research directly into the exhibition space, so it is a unique occasion to learn about the latest discoveries in space science.

TENQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

You can pretend you are stepping on an asteroid or just sit down and look at the Earth turning above on the ceiling. A diorama of Mars will make feel you're walking on the planet's surface. In another corner, you can touch a small fragment of a real meteorite originating from Mars that fell in Nigeria!

This entire area is full of new, amazing facts about the universe!

The Imagination Area - Get Lost in Space

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

After visiting the Science Area, it's time to let your imagination run wild! The Imagination Area, with its interactive displays and space-inspired games, is a paradise for children and all of us who are children at heart.

For example, the Astroball Game lets you remotely control a ball in order to launch a rocket.

TENQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

You can take part in a fun Quiz to see what kind of alien you are. Here, you answer by stepping on the statements projected on the floor.

The youngest visitors can play with magnetic puzzles, while older children can take the challenge to answer questions regarding the outer space. Orbit around the lights hanging from the ceiling to spot the constellations, or explore the table that shows the difference in size between planets.

In this area, even the display of the cans available for purchase at the vending machines is inlaid with polymite, a heat-resistant golden film used in space exploration. We'll let you discover by yourself what happens when you throw something in the rubbish bin.

Whatever you do, it's very possible that you'll lose track of time here!

Special Exhibition Room and Connection Place - Make Space for Memories

TeNQ Space Museum - Have Fun Exploring Space At Tokyo Dome City!

Picture courtesy of TeNQ Space Museum

The Special Exhibition area is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Many of them are related to popular culture, exploring the theme of space through stories that are widely known to the public, such as the novel "The Little Prince" or the anime series "Sailor Moon".

Do check out these exciting special exhibitions which change every four months.

TENQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

The last exhibition area is called the Connection Place because this is where you connect your memories and impressions from the TeNQ exhibitions to your own experience.

In the hallway called Wordarium, on a screen full of stars, you get to see inspiring words by scientists, poets and artists who dealt with the theme of outer space in their work. This is a great spot to take a “landed among the stars” type of photo.

TENQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

On your way out, there is a photo area, where you can a take photos of yourself sitting on the moon or stopping a blazing meteor with your bare hands.

Pick up Souvenirs at the TeNQ Space Store

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

Your last stop will be the TeNQ Space Store, where you can find a wide variety of space-themed items, from postcards and stationery to socks and jewellery, and even edible souvenirs.

After experiencing space through an astronaut's eyes, how about experiencing what they eat? At the museum shop, you can find various space foods such as space rice ball, chicken curry rice, space ice cream, space strawberries and many more!

TeNQ Space Museum - Have Fun Exploring the Secrets of the Universe!

TeNQ Space Museum Tokyo: Quenching your Curiosity

The TeNQ Space Museum is a place that satisfies everyone's curiosity about the universe and lets us look deeper into the skies.

The immersive projections in the Starting Room and Theater Sora allow visitors to experience space from a new, exciting perspective.

You might love it so much that you'll want to repeat the experience! In that case, for an additional 600 yen, you can get a re-entry ticket and line up again. At Theater Sora there are three different programs running.

Please note that, with the exception of "Family Day", the entry of children under the age of 4 is not permitted into the museum. To check the Family Day schedule, please visit the official website of TeNQ Space Museum.

All the exhibits have been carefully thought out and even the rubbish bins have a purpose. At TeNQ Space Museum, you get to see, touch, hear, play, learn and connect with the outer space.

Being located in the heart of Tokyo, the TeNQ Space Museum can easily be included into any itinerary. If you're traveling to Japan with your family, how about dropping by for an unforgettable encounter with the outer space?

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