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【OKAYAMA】Enjoy "Butaman" Bigger Than Your Fist!


Translated by Shoko Naito

Written by MATCHA

Okayama 2014.11.04 Bookmark

Butaman (steamed bun with minced pork filling) covered with a white wrapping of dough and filled with juicy pork is a Japanese winter tradition. Many people want to eat warm butaman in winter. I will introduce you butaman which Sanchin (山珍) serves.


Pig's Signboard


Sanchin is a shop selling Chinese take-away lunches and delicatessen. As there is the signboard saying “山珍の豚まん” (butaman of Sanchin) with the painting of a cute pig, the shop is famous for its butaman in Okayama.


The store is modern and calm atmosphere. There is a space for eat-in, so you can eat hot butaman in the shop.


They also have many kinds of steamed buns such as ebichiriman (steamed bun with Chinese style stir-fried prawn in chili sauce), takanaman (steamed bun with leaf mustard), torinegiman (steamed bun with chicken and leek). It is always difficult to choose which one to have (though I always choose butaman after all).


Buta manjyu (豚まんじゅう) 310 yen

You can also take food away. I got a butaman for take-away and steamed it at home. Here is the puffy butaman! It is bigger than my fist.


How imoressive the filling is! Can you see a lot of vegetables like cabbage, quail's eggs, and beef kakuni (pork cut into cubes and boiled with seasoning)? The wrapping of dough is fluffy and tasty. I had it with salted and sweetened dipping sauce. Big butaman has big pieces of ingredients in it, so you will get full.

Loved by Locals

The shop is well known to people who work for the prefectural office or live in the neighborhood. At lunch time, you can see a line waiting for the packed lunch or delicatessen. How about dropping by the shop which is loved by local people of Okayama prefecture.


Kanton Saikan Sanchin (広東菜館 山珍)

Address:2-12-22, Marunouchi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
Station:Okayama Electric Tramway, Kencho-Dori Station
Access:About 200-meter from Okayama Electric Tramway, Kencho-Dori Station
Hours:Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm(eat-in 11:30-)、Sunday, holidays 10:00am-6:00pm
Language Assitance:Japanese
Price:Buta manjyu (豚まんじゅう) 310 yen
HP:Kanton Saikan Sanchin (広東菜館 山珍)HP

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