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【OKAYAMA】The Town of Jeans, Kojima in Okayama – A Selection of Three Favorite Jeans Shops

【OKAYAMA】The Town of Jeans, Kojima in Okayama – A Selection of Three Favorite Jeans Shops

Translated by Moeko Noda

Written by MATCHA

Okayama 2014.11.04 Bookmark

In the town of jeans, Kojima, each shop in the so-called “jeans street” sells unique products of their own. So many is the variety that it is difficult to choose where to visit. That is why, in this article, I will introduce my three favorites out of the many jeans shops in Kojima.

A soft denim!? Enjoy the texture of knit jeans in SAIO

The first up on the list is one of the oldest shops in the street, SAIO.

jeans st.5

SAIO is a direct sales store of Mino Sangyo Co.,Ltd., a company that produces casual pants in Kojima. Once you visit there, a stylish gentleman greets you.

jeans st.6

He is actually Mr. Mino, the owner of Mino Sangyo.

jeans st.7

He casually says, “I can do anything concerning creating a pair of pants, from beginning to end, on my own.” Time flies away as we talk about denim and about the “jeans street.”


The most prominent feature of SAIO jeans is the softness of the fabric.


The softness and beautiful line of the knit pants and knit denim jeans that Mr. Mino suggested as the hot item this season is amazing. It is common for customers who purchased the knit denim jeans to come back as repeat customers to buy knit pants.

Why not visit to enjoy the wonderful texture of the fabric that cannot easily be found anywhere else? This shop makes you feel the craftsman’s pride, apparent in Mr. Mino’s kind smile and confident yet casual words.

The tea-dyed denims of kojima market place – In search of a unique color only found here

The next shop is the kojima market place.


The products sold in this shop are fruits of a never-ending attempt to incorporate new technologies, and all of them are “3D” processed by professionals. The carefully processed pants, not to mention the “3D” processed ones, are only sold here at kojima market place.


The remade pants, which at first sight seems as if it had been worn for years, are actually very finely remade, and has no worry of ripping apart. Untraditionally processed products such as denim pants divided in half with different colors on each half are abundant in the shop, and you will lose track of time trying on these unique pants.


Other than pants, this shop sells delicate accessories, hats, and bags as well. Every season the shop offers a total coordinate plan centered on denim, which is another charming aspect of this shop.


Our recommendation is the various tea-dyed products, made in collaboration with “Shimoyama-san-chi-no-ocha,” a teashop in Okayama. You can find original and organic products such as pants, shirts, dresses, and miscellaneous goods sold here.

What is special about these products is that it is a successful commercialization of tea-dye, a process that was famous for not dyeing the material. What is more, these products bring into life a texture that cannot be found anywhere else.


In this shop, please feel the spirit of MADE IN KOJIMA in own your hands.

You will find your best fit at JAPAN BLUE JEANS

Last but not least, I would like to introduce JAPAN BLUE JEANS.

This shop, located at the end of “jeans street,” is a place where you will be sure to find a pair of jeans just right for you.

The shop nestles in a remodeled old traditional Japanese house, with a quaint and compact interior lined with various products. Both the shop and the sales clerks have a confortable atmosphere about them. The price range is affordable for a jeans shop in Kojima, with a nice pair of pants priced around 10,000 to 20,000 yen.

Firm, yet natural and effortless – some bit of “looseness” is a quality necessary for a pair of jeans that are worn daily.

Above is the stylish logo modeling the initials of JAPAN BLUE JEANS. The shop has recently attracted visitors from outside Japan.
So these are the three shops that I would like to recommend in Kojima, selected among other great shops in the town. I am sure it would be a delightful visit for those in love with jeans. Why not go to Kojima to find a pair of jeans of your very own?



Address:1-11-14, Ajino, Kojima, Kurashiki, Okayama
Opening hours:10:00~19:00(12:00~ on week days)
Closing days:Monday, Year-end and New-year holidays
Access:15 minutes on foot from "Kojima Station" of JR Seto-Ohashi line
Official Website:SAIO Homepage

kojima market place
Address:2-2-39, Ajino, Kojima, Kurachiki, Okayama
Opening hours:10:00~18:00
Closing days:Thursday, Year-end and New-year holidays
Access : 15 minutes on foot from "Kojima Station" of JR Seto-Ohashi line
Official Website:kojima market place Homepage

Address:1-14-10, Ajino, Kojima, Kurachiki, Okayama
Opening hours:10:00~18:00
Closing days:Year-end and New-year holidays
Access:18 minutes on foot from "Kojima Station" of JR Seto-Ohashi line
Official Website:JAPAN BLUE JEANS Homepage

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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