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Nakano Broadway - An Anime, Manga, And Otaku Paradise Near Shinjuku

Nakano Broadway - An Anime, Manga, And Otaku Paradise Near Shinjuku

Translated by MATCHA_En

Written by Akihito Usui

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If you're looking for anime, manga, and other otaku goods, but are tired of the crowds in Akihabara, head to Nakano Broadway, a shopping center near Nakano Station, which is just a five minute train ride from Shinjuku Station. What can we find here?

A five minute train ride from Shinjuku Station on the JR Chuo Line will bring you to Nakano Station. While at first glance, it may seem like any other station, Nakano Station is home to Nakano Broadway, the place that discerning fans of Japanese subculture and otaku life call home. It may even be better loved than Akihabara, if some fans are to be believed.

Nakano Broadway is a complex shopping facility consisting of shopping floors (B1 to 4F) and apartments on the upper floors. Each shopping floor is filled to the brim with Japanese subculture related items including manga, anime, video games, figurines, and more.


Get off the train at Nakano Station, head out the North Exit, and walk straight through to the Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street. This shotengai deals in daily necessities, groceries, and other items that support the residents of the area.


After strolling through this shopping street, you will come to Nakano Broadway.

One of the first signs that you've reached it are vending machines like this. Just what awaits us inside?

The first floor may look similar to the Sun Mall Shopping Street - there are clothing stores and food shops everywhere. There is also a game center here that attracts a lot of attention too.

A Different World from the Second Floor!

While stores selling standard wares can be found on the first floor, the atmosphere changes completely from the second.


One of the main difference between Akihabara and Nakano Broadway is the types of items available. While Akihabara has many of the latest items, Nakano Broadway is where you will find more retro, vintage and harder to find goods, as well as the new. This combination of the old and new is part of the appeal of shopping in Nakano Broadway.


You might feel like you traveled back time with all these nostalgic items around you.


This shop handles retro video games. You're sure to find games from your childhood, or even that of your parents, here.


WEEKLY JUMP back editions! Some of them are very rare and are expensive collectors' editions.

Head Up Higher

As you go up from the second floor to the third, the atmosphere changes again. It's a bit like leveling up in a video game, isn't it?

On the third floor is where you will find the used goods store, Mandrake. The manga located at the front of the shop are free to read, so you'll often see crowds of people standing here reading.

The Mysterious Fourth Floor


Hmm, I wonder what this could be... Well, you'll just have to visit Nakano Broadway to find out!


Nakano Broadway
Address: Tokyo, Nakano, Nakano 5-52-15
Hours: Varies by shop
Credit Cards: Varies by shop
Nearest Station: Nakano Station, JR Chuo, Chuo-Sobu lines
Access: 2 minute walk from JR Nakano station north exit
Phone: 03-3388-7004
Website: Nakano Broadway

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