Miss International Contestants Shop At Tokyu Hands - What Did They Think?

Miss International Contestants Shop At Tokyu Hands - What Did They Think?

Tokyo 2014.11.09

2014 Miss International contestants were brought to Tokyu Hands, the store that has everything. But what did they find and what did they think of this amazing super store?

Translated by Miri S.

Written by Kazuyuki Sato

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As "Ambassadors of Beauty", the international contestants of Miss International contest were visiting Japan and stopped by Tokyu Hands in Shibuya. What did they think of this popular variety store?

Store Clerks Offer Great Service

According to a contestant, the duty-free shop clerks at her country's airport were tenacious. Compared to that, "here, we can freely explore the store because store clerks here don't push products at us", says one contestant.


At the cosmetic area, which was constantly jammed with contestants, there were demonstration of kabuki facial packs with kumadori designs.

"They look like monster's masks but are actually facial packs. So interesting!", says Miss America. Many contestants were fascinated by the performance and had amused smiles on their faces. This is surely something you can only experience while in Japan, and definitely only at Tokyu Hands.

A Great Variety of Goods

Every single contestant mentioned the wide variety of goods stocked at Tokyu Hands - which sells everything from daily necessities, beauty products, stationery, DIY products, party goods, and much more. "It seems like if you come here, you can get everything you need in one store", says Miss Thailand.


Miss Korea says, with her eyes sparkling: "We have similar stores in Korea but Tokyu Hands has more varieties to choose from!"


Miss China is into shopping in the store and says "it's amazing that there are various categories of goods. You can't understand how wonderful this place is if you don't visit here."


On the other hand, some felt that there were almost too many varieties of goods to choose from, which made it a little difficult to shop. Miss Japan was kind enough to help the other contestants when they were having trouble finding what they were looking for.

There Are Many Unusual Goods Here Too!

Out of the numerous goods available, there were many commodities that the contestants had never encountered before...


Some contestants were very happy to try out these sole massaging machines. Their feet must have been tired after walking about in high heels through the busy Shibuya streets! One contestant, Miss Republic of Mauritius, smiles with content and says "This is great! My country doesn't have this kind of machine". It seems that ordinary goods for Japanese can be something unusual for people from other countries.

Rich Variety, High Quality, Casual Interior


Many of the contestants said that "the items here all seem to be of high quality", as they explored the store and wondered what to purchase. "Although this is a department store, goods here are cheaper and provide better performance. Mexico has either extremely cheap stores or extremely expensive stores - so I want more 'middle-class' stores like Tokyu Hands" says Miss Mexico.

Another contestant declares that "the quality and naturalness of Japanese eyelashes is No.1!". Tokyu Hands only stock goods which passed strict quality control standards in Japan, and many of the contestants were impressed by the reliability of Japanese products.

Miss Taiwan cheerily says "I bought facial packs for their up-lifting effect".


Miss Hong Kong says "I knew Tokyu Hands because we have them in Hong Kong too. But the Japanese one has much more variety. It's good that there are cosmetic products and unusual things here!", she says.
As Tokyu Hands is working on overseas expansion (Hong Kong, Singapore etc.), more and more people abroad are starting to recognize the store as well.

"There are thousands of items here!" - This is what all the contestants said when they walked in Tokyu Hands. Everyone had a good time shopping and looking through the products sold at Tokyu Hands, and many even found some things they just had to pick up.

When you shop at this store, you are sure to find some unusual, amazing, and surprising items. That is all part of the charm of Tokyu Hands.

(c) Miss International Beauty Pageant

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Tokyu Hands Shibuya Branch
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawa-cho 12-18
Hours: 10:00-20:30
Closed: None
Wi-Fi: Available on 7A and 5A floors
Credit Cards: Available
Nearest Station: Shibuya Station
Access: Walk straight towards the north from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit. On the left hand you will see Seibu A and B towers. Turn left between them, and go along Inokashira-dori. On the right side, you will see Tokyu Hands ahead of you
Phone: 03-5489-5111
Website: Tokyu Hands Shibuya

What Miss International contestants found in Tokyu Hands

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