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Wow! The Mascot Character Inagi Nashinosuke Is Descended From Gundam?!

Wow! The Mascot Character Inagi Nashinosuke Is Descended From Gundam?!
  • Tokyo
  • Wow! The Mascot Character Inagi Nashinosuke Is Descended From Gundam?!

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Ai Taori

Tokyo 2017.12.12 Bookmark

The character we’ll be introducing this time is quite popular with anime lovers, especially when it comes to mascot characters from Japan. Its name is Inagi Nashinosuke.

Mascot characters, called “yuru-kyara” in Japanese, have been exceptionally popular in Japan for many years now. Yuru-kyara is an abbreviation of the phrase “light-hearted mascot character” or “light-hearted character” - characters that are cute and have a laidback atmosphere.

Yuru-kyara are often mascots of Japanese municipalities or are promotional characters for businesses. You can see costumed mascot characters overflowing with adorable charm all throughout Japan.

The character we’ll be introducing this time very popular with anime fans, especially when it comes to yuru-kyara of Japan. Its name is Inagi Nashinosuke.

nashinosuke photo5

Inagi is a city located southwest of western Tokyo and is approximately 25km from (central) Tokyo and Shinjuku. Nashinosuke is active as the official character of this verdant city near Tama Hills and is an energetic male robot pear.

nashinosuke photo1

Is Nashinosuke the Younger Brother of Gundam?

Something worthy to note about him is definitely his origins. The people responsible for his character design were mechanical designer Mr. Kunio Okawara and multi-creator Mr. Jet Inoue.

Mr. Kunio Okawara is actually a representative mechanical designer of Japan and is known for being responsible for the mechanical designs of the popular anime “Mobile Suit Gundam.”

Mr. Okawara, who worked on the mechanical designs for numerous robot anime that not only include “Gundam”, but also popular works such as “Yatterman”, “Armored Trooper Votoms”, “Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3”, and most recently “Gundam Build Fighters”, is a mecha-creator that certainly can be said to be the father of Japanese anime robots.

As Mr. Okawara himself is a citizen of Inagi, the city commissioned him for the design of its official character. Thus, the extremely unusual robot pear Inagi Nashinosuke, conceptualized from the specialty fruit of Inagi, was born.

nashinosuke photo6

In other words, Nashinosuke can be said to be the younger brother of Gundam, Daitarn 3, and Votoms and is a character descended from these distinguished anime robots.

What Kind of Character is Nashinosuke?

Now then, we’d also like to focus on Inagi Nashinosuke’s profile.

Nashinosuke was born on October 13th. His birthplace is the Okawara Studio in Inagi, Tokyo. His favorite foods are pears and grapes (both are specialties of Inagi). His hobby is watching soccer matches and it appears that he often goes to watch Tokyo Verdy, Inagi’s soccer team, matches (taken from the Inagi City website).

It also looks like he interacts with Verdy, the mascot character of the Tokyo Verdys, and they have collaborated together before.

nashinosuke photo7

Photo courtesy of: Inagi Culture Center 2

Where Can You Meet Nashinosuke?

You can meet Inagi Nashinosuke throughout the city of Inagi.

The place where those interested in Nashinosuke should definitely meet him is at Yanouchi Station on the Nambu Line. A Nashinosuke clock stand decorates the traffic circle of this station.

nashinosuke photo8

This clock stand was given as a donation to the city in 2011. But you can find Nashinosuke throughout the streets of Inagi too!

Here are road signs within the city that have stickers of Nashinosuke on them.

nashinosuke photo2
nashinosuke photo9

Nashinosuke was even waiting for us in the local shopping district.

nashinosuke photo11

Nashinosuke also frequently appears at all sorts of events in Inagi or in neighborhood areas. You can check out which events he’ll appear at on Inagi’s website.

nashinosuke photo12

Image: the top page of Inagi’s website

The word “robot” is definitely a fundamental keyword when it comes to talking about Japanese anime.

In the history of anime until now, many robot anime masterpieces such as “Mazinger Z”, “Iron Man No.28”, “Mobile Suit Gundam”, and “Neon Genesis Evangelion” have been created and several robots have been loved by fans.

Descended from those robots and livening up the city as its mascot character is Inagi Nashinosuke. We hope that he plays a very active role from now on as the link that connects the two subcultures of Japan: robot anime and mascot characters.

Good luck, Nashinosuke!


Inagi Official Website

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